29 April 2013

The Healthiest Way To Consume Chocolate!

Kate Spade Saturday mugs

Danny calls these 'puppy ear mugs'.  :)

Crio Bru

I am way too excited to share with you our new favorite drink.  Our friends up the block introduced us to Crio Bru and a we've been going nuts over it ever since.  Have you tried it??  It brews just like coffee, but it's made from cocoa beans instead and it has the BEST dark, roasted, chocolatey flavor.  Danny and I just LOOOVE it.  Ok, we may be a little excited here. We don't drink coffee and so we're learning how fun it is to have a new little ritual.  Here's our favorite place to enjoy a cup at the end of the day...

crio bru

Kate Spate Saturday mugs

Kate Spate Saturday mugs

crio bru

chocolate brew

10 Reasons We're Going Nuts Over Crio Bru:

 We take turns making it for each other.  I don't know...I just love it when Danny gets the mugs and starts to make a batch.   :)

2.  It smells A-M-A-ZING while it's brewing and the smell fills our entire apt.

3.  It usually brings on good conversation.  It's nice to sit and chat and sip away.  Or we'll drink it with popcorn while watching a movie.  Either way, it's just all cozy.

4.  Crio Bru is totally natural and has just has ONE ingredient:  100% cocoa beans.  NO sugar, NO sodium, NO dairy, NO additives and only 1.5 grams of carbohydrates per cup.  It's only 10 calories and contains no fat.  The cocoa beans also provide a natural (non-addictive) rise in energy and they are a natural appetite suppressant.

5.  Crio Bru is caffeine free - or it may contain just up to 1,000 parts per million (less than 1/20th of the caffeine in coffee.)  So cool.  It's such a great alternative to caffeine.

6.  Raw cocoa beans, by weight, have more antioxidants than almost any food in the world!! You know I'm on doctor's orders to get as many antioxidants as I possibly can.  So drinking this stuff is a dream.  Even after it has roasted and brewed, Crio Bru has 150% more antioxidants than pure pomegranate juice!!  As if I need to be convinced to drink dark chocolate.   :)

Have I enticed you yet?!?  :)

7.  It's a good excuse to buy those awesome mugs from Kate Spade Saturday (most are just $10!)

8.  The cocoa grounds can be reused for another round of chocolate brew or you can add them to smoothies, brownies, or use as a compost or body scrub.  I'm already starting to see recipes out there.

9.  Crio Bru follows fair trade practices and is organic (aside from one flavor).  The organic certification label will be available soon.

10.  It's a nice thing to serve guests.  We love having this when people are over.

See why this is our new favorite drink?  It's the first thing we had when we returned home from West Virginia.  We just love it.  Danny adds a little honey to his and sometimes a little cream. I love mine plain.

You can order some Crio Bru on-line HERE.  I'd love to hear if you try it!  Our favorite flavors so far are Cocoa River, Cavalla, and Maracaibo.

AND - - by the way, the best way to make Crio Bru is with a French Press.  They make me feel all fancy and it's been fun using one.

I got to test out several of what I would consider are the best looking French Presses.  I wrote a post here on Babble so you could see which ones we like the best & why.  We did have a favorite :)  Here's a sneak preview:

chambord french press

Frieling French Press

Brazil French press

Bean French Press

French Presses:  1 / 2 / 3 / 4

See my full round-up here.


I was delighted to have this post sponsored by Crio Bru.  I also received some French presses to try out from Freiling, Bodum, and BonJour.  Mugs from Kate Spade Saturday.  Mint sweatshirt & mint jeans by Kate Spade Saturday. 

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  1. I am addicted. I have had a cup of crio every day since last september. I love it with a little almond joy creamer. Cavalla is my favorite flavor so far. Which ones do you guys drink the most?
    AND have you had it on ice??? Best summer drink.
    Sigh. I think I have converted at least a dozen people. :)
    PS I originally heard of this goodness via Mormon in Manhattan. I will forever be indebted to her. ;)

  2. I am soooo ordering this right now! Gives me a reason to use a french press! Love those things.


  3. I've been drinking it since September too! It's great. I agree with Anna, I love the almond joy creamer, and I think Cavalla is my favorite, but I've also tried Vega Real and Coca River.

    I like to take it in a to-go mug and drink it on my way into work. But it does look just like coffee so I get some suspicious looks and questions from coworkers (I work for the Church), and I've had to explain myself a few times :)

    I think I feel slightly more awake on the mornings I drink it, but not a huge difference. But it is definitely a comfort drink and a fun ritual! I definitely want to try some of the recipes from the Crio Bru website, because throwing the grounds away seems like such a waste!

    P.S. I use the $14 French press from IKEA, and it's worked pretty well.

  4. Just ordered some. I will update you when I make my first batch. Thank you for the heads up!

  5. I'm getting some of this. Now.

  6. Rule of thumb for brewing Crio Brü - the longer and hotter the better (boiling water for 8-10 minutes in the French press). It's also great with So Delicious French Vanilla coconut milk.

  7. MARAAAAAA!!!! This sounds like the BEST. THING. EVER!!! A new year's resolution that I have been terrible at keeping is to drink less coffee. This sounds so amazing and so healthy...maybe I can once and for all ditch - or at least reduce - my coffee habit that I love so very much. Ordering right this very second!

  8. Ooo! I didn't know you could do that. Just cocoa beans huh? Also, I just HAD to comment on your outfit. SO adorable. I just might go out and buy it just to copycat you.

  9. Mara and Danny, I just stumbled onto this blog a few weeks ago and have since been voraciously reading everything on it. Your love and life stories and well wishes for your readers continues to inspire me daily. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. I look forward to your posts every week! Much Love! -Jenn from California

  10. yummers!! this looks sooo delish! :)


  11. Just placed an order for the variety pack. So excited to try each of them - what a great deal. Thank you for sharing!!

  12. Mara, do I lay the grounds out to dry on a paper towel to reuse? What do I do with them??? I see recipes that use them but not sure exactly what to do with those bad boys sitting on the bottom of the french press!

  13. I also love it and yes cocoa beans are the rich source of making chocolates. Ghana is one of the top rated country producing high quality cocoa beans.


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