19 April 2013

Love Announcements

Waiting for IVF.

(I know I've been saying that for a year!)

There were some scheduling delays (luckily nothing more - simply scheduling with the office).  But it means we now must start over this phase of the process.  You know, at a certain point, you kind of think, "Ok, we're there.  What else can possibly go wrong."  ha!  Well, something has gone wrong nearly every time along this journey.  I guess that's just the way it goes.

Unfortunately, because of a booked trip, we won't know the results of all this until June now.  JUNE!  I can't believe it.  It just seems so, so far away.  Sorry for the ongoing saga.

Anyway, carrying forward.  Trying to breathe in spring.

And...collecting some great things to share with you.  :)  I hope you enjoy them:

-I found the BEST eggs I've ever had at the Queens County Farm (the longest running farm in New York State!)  It's on the way to my doctor's office on Long Island so my new favorite thing is stopping there for eggs... (I don't think I ever want to eat a store bought egg again.)  These eggs come from 7 heritage breeds and they're just so beautiful!!  (note:  they only sell eggs Wed.-Sun, 12-5 pm.)  My favorite way to eat an egg these days is pan fried with olive oil and salt & pepper.

-I want to see this art installation:  Murals on the Bowery (after hours only!  The art is on the steel roller shutters on the fronts of the supply shops.)

-I discovered my new favorite 'French Provencal' olives from Sahadi's on Atlantic Avenue (the best ever Middle Eastern market in Brooklyn.)  Also, get the marcona almonds in bulk.  The freshly made hummus (so fluffy).  The freshly ground peanut or almond butter.  And the bitter dark chocolate chips (darker than semi-sweet - also dairy free).  What do you love buying there?

-The couple married for 83 years said good-bye.  This just makes my heart swell.  They have been an inspiration to the world!

-Sometimes, riders find a cabby worth praising (beautiful.)

-An adorable post about supplies needed for spring foraging!  :)  (The blooms have burst.  It's seriously time to get some shears.  I found these, made by a company that's been making garden tools since the '40s.)

-Some of the best birthday invitations I've ever seen, from a designer in Brooklyn.  (You can buy them on Paperless Post!)

-My friend, Kelsey, has her own cooking show!!  She just started filming her 5th season (which is amazing) and she decided to blog about the behind-the-scenes of having a cooking show.  SO exciting and fascinating to read.

-How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking (the silliest tip in this I think can actually be very effective.)

-And...16 Ways I Blew My Marriage (this post is heart felt and so good.  3,481 comments!)


Hoping you all have a very, very good weekend.
The report on West Virginia will be coming next week.
At this moment Danny and I are in Pennsylvania so far.  Visiting Fallingwater today!  I'm so excited!!
(I'll share some photos on Twitter.)


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  1. Happy times in PA! I'm in PA and sending you all do much love and light as you visit. (though you should have swung through Amish Country again)

  2. Eighty three years of marriage, now that is something to aspire to!

  3. Ugh. I hear you on this whole timing business w/ infertility. Just did 3 rounds of medicated cycles and learned halfway through this last cycle that we'd totally missed our window. It's enough to make you go batty. I'm 99% convinced that I'm going to take next month off - a mental health break, if you will. I'm going to NYC in mid-May and frankly, I just want to enjoy myself w/o the umbrella of it hanging over my head.

    xoxo - Hang in there.

  4. I am praying and hoping for a successful IVF for the both of you. I have exerienced 4 failed IVFs, probably 20+ failed IUIs, a bunch of tests and procedures and everything else under the sun just to show that I am functioning normally (whatever that means. At age 40, I was told that my mere age and FSH levels (9.5 which is not that high) gave me less than a 1% chance of having a baby with my own eggs. I refused to listen to the noise and prayed some more, believed in my journey and I am now 26 weeks pregnant at age 41 with a little boy who was conceived without IVF and no meds! We are thrilled and feel so blessed to have this child. I am thankful to God everyday for giving me this amazing opportunity to raise a child. My journey was long, financially burdensome and emotionally challenging but it was the one I was to take in becoming who I am. You too will be a mother. You have your own community cheering you on and it WILL happen.

    Lots of love to you.

  5. As a daily reader of you blog (I love you guys!) I was just wondering if you could maybe do a blog post about IVF and the steps/what it entails. Sometimes I read these IVF posts and don't understand the process or what stage your in. Whatever the steps may be, I am crossing my fingers and sending all of my good wishes your way because no one deserves to be parents more than you two.

  6. Sending you two good fertile vibes for babymaking! Wishing you the best. You are going to be incredible parents.

  7. So you were talking about IVF and then you transitioned to chicken eggs and I was waiting for the joke. The comedian inside me squirmed at the missed connection.

    1. James you are HILARIOUS. I caught the connection, too, but couldn't pull it off. I needed your comedian brain on this one. haha. :)

  8. Ugh for you! I remember one cycle of mine was cancelled because the big day fell during a conference my doctor was attending. I cried and cried. But then I had Jasper. So - big love for what's around the corner for you guys!

    PS: I was cracking up at the eggs - even left unsaid.


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