15 March 2013

Yellow Happiness

Last week we had a snow storm.  Not exactly what you want to see in March.  But then look and see  what came into my inbox...  :)  :)

From Sally Glaspie of Park Slope, Brooklyn:

"Wanted to share my daughter, Simone, and my latest kindness mission around the neighborhood.  We put up these signs and notebooks on 5th Ave. (between Sterling and Park Place) and on 7th Ave. (between 7th and 8th streets) to hopefully cheer up some people as winter keeps hanging on here."

From Melissa Hope (a reader who has now become a dear friend.  She volunteered with us every weekend during the Sandy clean-up and we're now friends for life):

"Fact: you'll start to associate the color yellow with Mara and Danny because both the color and the people are absolutely delightful and blithesome."  (ahhh - thank you, Melissa!)


Love you all!  Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for all the amazing kindness you send our way. 


P.S.  Want to take a peek at my latest yellow Pinterest board?  It's kind of fun to have one.   

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  1. That lil sunshine posters are pretty cute! Everyone needs a lil sunshine! =)


  2. I'm definitely in the middle a snow storm right now! It's kind of amazing when you look out your window, but not as much fun to walk through. Anyway, I love the little signs you and your daughter put up. Hopefully, they bring smiles to people's faces. Every neighborhood should have a "kindness mission".

  3. I agree with chloe moon. Everyone could use lil sunshine every now and then. Love is some rare. Not everyone feels the warmth of love. Mine was found and lost. I really could use a lot of sunshine about now. :)


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