04 March 2013

Side Barrettes

I've been loving side barrettes lately.  Such an easy way to dress up an outfit - or just make your look feel different, which is always fun.  And it's the perfect way to make your bed head look finished.  :) 

(the above barrette is from Ban.do.  They come in a few colors.  So cute.  Here's another cute glitter one, too.)

This is working nicely for me:

1.   Use a barrette on the larger side, so it can make a bold statement.

2.   Make a deep side part.

3.   Slightly smooth out the combed over hair and then fasten the barrette - near the temple or so. 

I got my barrette at H&M.

And even better than barrettes, want to REALLY put a spring in your step?

1.  Make this roasted chicken.

2.  Deliver to a new mom.

Yep, that will do it.  I gave that a try this week (my first roasted chicken ever) and it worked like a charm. 


(Images: 1 / 2 / 3)

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  1. I wish I rocked the side barrette more! My hair is always in my face!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  2. You can also make that chicken by just throwing it in the crock pot. I'm doing that today and delivering to a family in our ward (weird psychic twin power!) It's like having a rotisserie chicken--super moist and falls off the bone. Once I take it out and pick all the meat off the bones I put all the bones, and stuff back in with a bunch of water for about 5 more hours and make my own chicken stock. Love doing this. Although roasted in a cast iron skillet is a bit more romantic... :)

    1. Miggy - - I totally need to do a crock pot chicken. K, you've inspired me. And homemade chicken stock? You're my hero.

  3. You look like a doll. Just the right touch for spring days ahead. Also, you gave me e very good idea to keep my bush looking not like a bush :)
    Have a sunny week guys!

  4. You are the best!!

  5. i love that you wrote this blog post cause just the other day i was thinkin how i needed to buy some barrette's and didn't know who had any good ones. anywho...thanks! love em!


  6. I LOVE this!! Especially the red one :)



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