29 March 2013

Love Announcements

It's been awhile!  Today, a few things I've been wanting to share with you..

1.  First up, these amazing Subway eggs (made with stickers from Office Max).  LOVE them, of course.  See here for the full instructions.  (Thanks, Sarah!)  I saw that one woman liked the idea of numbering the eggs because they always lose some during the Easter egg hunt.  Not a bad idea.

2.  A really great article on happy marriages:  Friendship, More Than Romance, Leads to Happy Marriages.  So good.

3.  A date night suggestion: a MOTH STORY SLAM!
We FINALLY went to one of these.  They host them in different spaces in Manhattan & Brooklyn (as well as in many cities in the country.  See here for the schedule.)  The one we went to was at the Housing Works Bookstore on Crosby Street, which is such a great little gem in the city (the place was packed!)  People stand and share TRUE stories - based on a theme - in 5 minutes or less.  Plan for heartfelt, funny, shocking, and unbelievable stories.

4.  Over the last few weeks, Danny and I have been watching a new epic mini series by the History Channel called The Bible.  It's actually really good!  I really recommend it.  And I'll admit, it's been clearing up a lot of things for me. :)  haha.  The finale will air on Easter.  There is also a DVD you can buy if you'd like to see the whole series...or maybe you can download it somehow online?

5.  A trick to calm an argument with your spouse.

6.  A new way to make a quiche crust (using shredded potatoes!)  I think I'll actually be able to use this crust to pull off a dairy-free, gluten-free quiche!

And, sending love to you all for a wonderful Easter weekend and the new beginnings that it represents.  This is one of my favorite Easter sermons.  But I'd also love to hear if any of you have a favorite sermon, tradition, article or passage that you enjoy during Easter.  Please share!



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  1. Those subway eggs are the best! Thanks so much for the link, Mara. Happy Easter!

  2. Hi Mara Happy Good Friday. I also love the eggs...so cute. A friend Sharlee recommended your blog to me as we have a few things in common. I too am watching the bible series....I know Sunday's episode will probably be the most watched but because I know whats coming I am mentally trying to prepare to see it again. I was a blubbering mess watching Passion of the Christ. As for Easter sermons, my church will have one showing live on Sunday via cfmiami.tv. I am sure it will be awesome. I however will finally be looking for a new church in the city and plan to visit one this Sunday.

  3. Those eggs make me smile. And link #5 was fantastic! I'm going to try the trick, and read all her others about small apartment living. What a nice treat for today! Happy Easter!

  4. I love those eggs! Our Easter bunny hid our REAL eggs all over the fridge because he/she didn't want them to rot. The candy was all over the house!
    The Moth event sounds great, and I'll have to check out some of the stories. I can't wait!
    A new trick my husband and I developed about arguing in front of kids...we pull on our ear which means "stop now, continue later". Saves the child some anxiety (and we laugh, which tends to lessen the argument!).

  5. The Atonement: A Sea of Peace by Sally Palmer

    talks about how to feel peace as a result of the atonment

    (was a BYU womens conference talk)



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