19 March 2013

Happy Tatts

See below for a letter we received from a reader.  Hearing from you all just makes our world, you can't even imagine.  It's now 2:38 am.  I don't get paid for these posts.  But I do it anyway.  Because we get letters like this...letters about happiness tattoos!  :)  :)

Dear Mara and Danny,
Last year I was a freshman at Stony Brook University on Long Island.  I was miserable, unhappy, very far away from home and very depressed.  I couldn’t get silly thoughts out of my head that I wasn’t worth it; thoughts that maybe I didn’t deserve to be happy and just was lost in my loneliness, lack of confidence and negativity.
But… then I stumbled upon your blog (and the book The Happiness Project) and boy, can I tell you how much of a difference it made!  As soon as I found your blog I went through and read all of your posts! They are so inspirational!  I have come to realize that as individuals we are solely responsible for the way we feel and view situations.  We are responsible for our relationships and the way we act in them. Your blog has taught me our need as individuals to have independence, happiness and love and gratitude for everything around you no matter what - even if it is hard to get out of a funk and realize the beauty around you.
Your blog made me realize the flaws in my cognitions, and the way I was viewing my world.  I was too dependent on others, and wasn’t actively seeking my own happiness and joy in life.  I wasn’t confident in myself and didn’t feel like I deserved the love of my boyfriend or family and friends…
I have such great gratitude that I found your blog.  I have now learned how to be happy; how to love and be loved.  To find beauty in the hardest of situations and have thanks that I get to experience tough stuff in life so that I appreciate the good stuff even more.  I have since transferred to a new school, and have learned that I deserve to be in a place where I am happy, and surround myself with things and people that I love.  (And that I need to show gratitude for those around me!)
When I wake up in the mornings, the first thing I do is open my computer and go to your blog and read your motivational, inspiring words that start my day with the right mindset and a new lesson on how to be a better person one day at a time.  Thank you so much for your daily reminders to have love, happiness, gratitude, an open heart!  You have taught me to actively choose to have the right, positive perspective on things in life.  You guys have helped turn my life around, get me out of depression, and choose to be happier.  I am getting a tattoo in a few weeks that says “Choose Happiness,” a life motto that I have learned from you guys to remind myself of my own personal responsibility to have the right mindset in order to live the life I want.
Thank you so much for writing everyday and for helping me so much! 
(I am really kicking myself for not taking the chance to go on a walk with you when I was closer to NYC!)
Sara Dill
Sara - your joy is contagious!  THANK YOU!!  
P.S.  The photos today are from Tattly, here in Brooklyn.  Think temporary tattoos designed by well-known graphic designers and artists.

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  1. What a great letter and post! I love my blog reading and writing, and find my inspiration from others as well. I have a tattoo, it says "strength" on the inside of my wrist/forearm. A constant reminder to me of why I got it and how it plays in my life everyday is amazing.

    Have a fab day!!

  2. love love love the happy tattoos! they make me smile.

  3. you are turning into A Cup of Jo!

  4. not that that is good or bad, that's just what your blog is reminding me of lately


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