22 February 2013

Yellow Happiness

Yay for more YELLOW!  I don't know about you, but I am loooving these cheerful photos that came in. 

From Cyd Converse of the amazing blog, The Sweetest Occasion:

"Attaching a photo here of a yellow vintage canister I keep on my desk.  I load it up with things like rubber bands and thumb tacks; those pesky everyday office supplies that you need handy even though they aren't too cute to look at all the time. I picked this little gem up at a garage sale for $0.50 a few years back and I love the cool bird pattern and yellow color. In my everyday life I tend to go for cool colors, but in my workspace I love bright, happy punches of color. (Especially working full time from home, it definitely helps keep me more upbeat.  I also have a vintage cat cookie jar who wears a yellow bow tie that I use to stash chargers, batteries, etc.)"  I think we all need one of these canisters!!

From Liz Pruett:
"I have a cactus that, when it blooms, has the most glorious yellow flowers. I keep a photo of them saved a photo on my phone so that I have something to brighten my day even in the dreariest of winters. :-)"
From Melissa Crosby:

"About a year ago when we moved into our first home, we had recently moved from sunny Hawaii and I was missing almost everything about it.  So I decorated and painted in lots of shades of yellow.
One of my favorite things is this mirror that I got at a garage sale for five bucks.  It was black, I painted it yellow and hung it on my wall.  It brings the sunshine in and makes me happy!  (In the mirror you can see yellow frames -there are a few that recently got pulled off the wall by a crazy two year old, hence the black Velcro on the wall ;))"  Anyone else now dying to go to some garage sales? 

From Kate Dunlap:

"These yellow beauties are currently brightening my desk.  Wishing you rays of sunshine in NYC!"  She labeled this photo "YELLOW Goodness."  Love it!  :)

OK, I really am beaming now.  It is just so, so fun to hear from you all.  I can't even tell you how much we love it.  And then to hear of these little bits of cheer in your lives - well, it makes me smile big.

And this photo represents an experience this year that is near and dear...working side by side New Yorkers to do Sandy clean-up.  It truly was an experience I'll never forget.
There's more yellow coming.  By then, you guys - we will have made it to Spring!!

Loving you all,


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  2. my fiesta ware set from when we got married is yellow and it makes me happy and reminds me of when we picked it out during that special time in our lives.

    Oh, and when your baby is the size of a lemon you can be all like "my baby is a lemon! which is yellow!" har har, ok ok.

    PS- I hope you are rocking out after surgery!

  3. Thanks so much for posting my picture of Yellow Goodness. Those were actually flowers that I received for my birthday and seeing them again made my smile! Thanks for the reminder!

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