18 February 2013

Yellow Happiness

It is so, so time for some yellow happiness.  The temperatures are bitter cold in New York right now!!!  It's the kind of cold where it feels your ears could crack just from being outside for a short time.  But somehow I'm thinking we can totally pull off this last bit of winter.  Spring really is just around the corner and in no time we'll be skipping through the streets and soaking up warm sun in the park.  (In the meantime, did you know that just LOOKING at bright, sunny yellow can have an effect on uplifting your mood?  I swear, it works.  Get a good dose of yellow here, if you'd like to try it.   :)

In response to my original post all about yellow, these awesome photos were sent in by one of our readers, Sumaya Teli (she is originally from India, but grew up in England, and now lives on Staten Island).  She said...

"I loved your post today and really wanted to send you a pic.  My internet alias has always been 'Y3ll0wRose', so it made me smile."

gold flatsSumaya:  "Lots of happy yellow from an NYC playground (I have a toddler!)"

yellow leaves
"This pic I took in NY and the yellow leaves just made me so happy."

turmeric spice
"This is a photo I took in Kashmir (India) of a tub of the spice tumeric, which is a wonderful 'Indian' yellow color!  To me it's like how magenta is to pink, turmeric is to yellow!"

Yep, I'd say these photos make me happy!  They're all going on my yellow Pinterest board.  And am I the only one dying over her gorgeous flats and the patterns, colors, and textures of her dresses?  SO beautiful!!

Sumaya, thank you so, so much for sending these in to share with everyone.  I think you brightened all of our days.  :)  And, I really have to ask - where are you getting your flats?  :)  It's time for spring shoes! 


P.S.  Want to know what else makes me giddy happy?  I just signed up for my first CSA farm share in Brooklyn for spring and summer.  Oh my, I'm so excited for cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, melons and fresh farm eggs.   

What are you dreaming of for spring and summer??  I'm already excited to hear- I guess thinking about spring is just a fun thing to do in February.  :)

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  1. I can't wait to wake up with the sun, go to church early, then spend the day walking around farmer's markets and garage sales - while wearing summer dresses and sandals! Can't wait. :) These photos are lovely! xoxo

  2. I'm dreaming of no longer having to wear two pairs of socks to keep my feet warm! Also of lots of fresh fruit- I miss it so much in the winter.


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