01 February 2013

Love Announcements


A few love announcements....

-My favorite stylist, Rubi Jones, is coming back to NYC to do a pop-up salon!  I'm so, so happy about that.  So mark your calendars for Feb. 7 & 8!  Just in time to get all pretty for Valentine's Day.  (I always think fondly of Rubi because she was doing my hair in the days I was first dating Danny - and while we were preparing to get married.  She always got the latest updates on our courtship during that exciting time!  :)  Also, she has one of the coolest hair blogs out there (see here.)  image source

 -I recently got these two antique candy dishes that belonged to my Grandmother.  I decided to use one on my dresser and one in my bathroom for holding jewelry, and they're working out so well!  Just wanted to pass along the idea.  You could also use those pedestal candy dishes.  Thrift stores and antique stores always have tons of these for cheap.  :)  This would be such a cute idea for a Valentine's Day gift!

-My friend, Brooke, a former editor at Martha Stewart Living, has the BEST ideas for Valentines (above).  See here for a whole round-up of some of her ideas on her blog.  Then, there's these...from a another Brooklyn friend...

-I've been mentally bookmarking these ideas for years.  :)  See Katie's posts on these here:  finger puppets, head bands & heart bracelets (she has a version for boys, too).

-One of my dear friends from high school, Linsey Maxson, has a little company called Sweet Stacks in Mesa, AZ and sells cake plates in all kinds of colors, shapes, and sizes.  She makes them herself and they are SO affordable.  We're talking prices like $8, $10, $15!  My sisters and I remember sometimes waking up on Valentine's Day with some treats on our dressers, from our dear Mom.  These would be fun for the occasion.  (local pick-up only)

-I really loved this article about marriage, it is truly worth a read - "Three Things I Wish I Knew Before We Got Married."  It just might make you want to "go home and love your wife.  And go home and love your husband."  I'd love to know if you agree with him and why in the comments!

-And last but not least, a date idea for tonight (Friday, Feb.1)!  Our friend, Nate Gebhard, is playing at Two Moon Art House & Cafe in Brooklyn at 315 4th Ave. (btwn 2nd & 3rd St.) at 8 pm.  It's a lo-fi indie sounding music, $5 cover.  R Train to Union St.

Have a lovely weekend!!  (And thanks SO much for the Hawaii tips!)


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  1. If you keep submitting well written articles just like this then I will always keep returning back to your blog. Really good material.

  2. That was a good article and I agree with it completely. Explaining 'why' would take awhile! Suffice it to say, that article explains why my first marriage ended after 8 years and why my second marriage is thriving.

  3. Thanks for all the links and suggestions! I am absolutely in love with those little felt heart bracelets -- I wish I had a little kiddo to send those to school with this month (for sure going to store that one away for the future.) And I thought that was a great article about marriage - both my husband and I thought it rang 100% true; we have an amazingly open relationship, which I love, and are always striving to become better together. It really is amazing that strength and ability that comes when you are in a loving, understanding, forgiving relationship where your partner still loves you through your faults and both allows and helps you to change for the better.

    I used one of your quotes on my blog today. Please let me know if you feel I misquoted you or would like me to change it: http://nickischmidt.blogspot.com/2013/02/antlers.html

    1. LOVE that quote you chose. :) It's one of my favorites :) And love your blog, too! It's really, really great!

  4. thanks for your kind words mara. i totally remember when you first time you told me you about danny!

    also, love those vintage candy dishes!

  5. Oh really good work impressed here with the post.

  6. Wow. Suddenly our meager Valentines Day celebrations seem a bit on the reserved side :) Fun post!

  7. I really liked the article on marriage. As someone who got married a couple of months ago, I'm constantly looking for advice on how to grow my marriage and how to be the best partner to my husband.

  8. Love is the best feeling for everyone but sometime it may hurt more than any bad injury.

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