27 February 2013

A Good Find: This Striped Dress

Would you guys like it if I posted a few things here and there that I come across?  I'm not a huge fashion junkie, actually.  But I guess I'm still particular about things.  I also know what a pain it is to shop.  Ok, see?  I'm not into it a ton.  Yes, shopping is more of a chore for me and I only do it if necessary.  And so I love it when people share their good finds with me so I don't have to do the digging.  I am just wondering if you might be the same. 

Today's good find:  The Wiggle Dress from ASOS.  LOVE the stripes on this.  And the colors.  So great for a spring/summer dress.  Love the length, too...And the free shipping both ways - that's always music to my ears.  I'd wear this dress to church (I actually love dressing up once a week!) and I'd love to wear it on a date night (I always like trying to dress up a bit for those date nights.  It makes the evening feel a bit more special. It's funny how what we wear really does affect the mood of an occasion.)

But the shoes?  No.  Not loving those.  I'd wear the dress with these Madewell oxfords, instead:

Hope you're all having a great day!!   


P.S.  Still loving this very simple skin routine I've been doing.  It's been working wonders all winter long. 

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  1. What a gorgeous dress!!! I think it would be beautiful with those shoes you chose! Much more comfortable too! =)

    Ergo - Blog

    1. we can used this fabric for the business wear...as for as fabric concern its soft and 100% pure cotton fabric...this all color is so awesome...

  2. Oof, love the dress -- definitely out of my typical price range. But now I feel inspired to go dig around at Goodwill or Target for some stripes! Thanks for the summery inspiration.

  3. I bought this dress in white and teal lace! I love it! Gotta snatch up a super cute and trendy dress that's modest when you see it, right?!?

  4. Yes, share! Love the dress (stripes are my favorite)!
    xx Allie | A Song to Pass the Time

  5. Cute dress! I had to laugh b/c as I read the post I had the exact thought you expressed at the end, "Just, no, on the shoes!" I do like seeing these kinds of posts. I just want to know if and when they are sponsored. I think it's very helpful when people share what they found!

    In that spirit, I will share something that has taken me a long time to find: women's white bucks. I don't want wingtips, specators, brogues or saddle shoes, I don't want multi-colors or snake-, croc-, ostrich- skin or patent. I want classic white bucks (which, as the name suggests, must be nubuck). You can find them for men without even trying. But for ladies?? I've looked for several years. I finally found some from Sperry:



    Now, were I in the mood for spectators, these would make the top 5:


    1. Thx so much for the note. And no - the post isn't sponsored. I've only ever done one sponsored post here (Clorox Green Works) and just like that one, sponsorships will always be shared with readers.

  6. Mara, I posted a while back that my dream was that stores like Anthropologie and J.Crew would carry plus size lines of clothing. I LOVE asos.com because they do! Not only plus size clothing but amazingly cute clothes, too. And they call it Curve, which I think is not only appropriate but friendly.

    Anyway, the point is, I love that you post lovely things that you come across! And I especially love that the shout out you gave to asos is so every-woman-and-body-type friendly.

    Thanks! xoxo

  7. Your dresses are nice and I will try to find one like that.

    rs accounts


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