30 January 2013

The Language of Love at Alt Summit

Stefan Sagmeister was one of the keynote speakers at Alt Summit and, as you can imagine, Danny and I were thrilled to no end as we're already huge fans.  Remember 'The Happy Show' art exhibit I wrote about here?  Well, he created it.  Yes, he's a genius.  He combines research about happiness with some of the best graphic design I've ever seen.  He also created 'The Happy Film'.  He showed us the first 12 minutes and I was just dying over it.  It will be in film festivals soon.

AND!  I just have to share with you a sweet moment that happened during his presentation...

He used what Danny calls, "The Language of Love"!!!  :)  :) 

Here's how it went down...

During his presentation, he mentioned that when he speaks, he normally doesn't practice thankfulness like he should and normally doesn't express thanks to the organizers of a conference.  He said he used to think it was boring and avoided it.  "BUT..." he says, "There is always time to change."  And with that, he invited Sara and Gabrielle up to the stage to thank them so sincerely for all that they had done. 

You can see from the photos how happy this made them....they were literally just beaming!! 

And, he really, really was so sincere and didn't hold back.

And you know what?  Doing it made him so happy, too.

And it made the audience smile and feel all that love from him as well.  It really did change the energy in the room and made us all feel a little happier.  (LOVE & VULNERABILITY REALLY IS MAGIC - it affects everyone around you!!!)

If any of you have taken our classes, you know how much we believe in boldly and intentionally expressing this kind of love and gratitude.  :)  Being vulnerable enough to share love really is the most beautiful way to connect with people in a real way.  Danny learned how to do this when he was 19 years old and he hasn't stopped doing it since.  The key is to do it very deliberately and sincerely!  Whether you are expressing love for your family or loved ones or addressing an audience of any kind, there are ways to make this happen.  You may have to put some thought into it in advance so that it can be as sincere as possible.

For example, if Danny is speaking to an audience he doesn't know - whether it's for work, the blog, or for church - he will often times ask around to find out some good things about the crowd.  And then he will pass on those kind words to the audience when he speaks.  See?  It can be done.  Even for people you don't know.

Much love to all of you,


(photos by Justin Hackworth)

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  1. Posts like this one that give specific illustrations of the behaviors and attitudes that your blog advocates are very helpful. While I agree with your calls to love and vulnerability, it's helpful to see real life, practical examples that give me an idea of how to apply these ideas.

    Also, in the event it's helpful, it's: "it affects everyone..." not "it effects everyone..." Effect is a noun, affect is a verb.

  2. Give me another example please. Or link to another post of yours related to this. Thanks!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this post! It inspired me the last two days! Recently I have been struggling with being so introverted and focused on my own problems.

    While I still am struggling, this post reminded me that getting outside of myself and to focus on thanking others in my life (for their selfless, wonderful kindness to me) will help me!

    Kate M.

  4. It's full of great photography with great people but I would like Danny to say something regarding church.



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