10 December 2012

Yellow Happiness

More yellow today!  I'm going to be posting some of your awesome pics throughout the winter - it will hopefully be a good shot of happiness if anyone needs it.  Feel free to still send pics, if you like.  Put the word YELLOW in the subject. 

This pic, above, is from J. of the blog Sparkingly.  She wore these very yellow pants the week after Sandy when we had that beautiful day of warm temps and sunny skies in New York.  She posted this on Instagram with a caption about celebrating after a week of hardship (she lives in Lower Manhattan on the 14th floor and had no power, water, heat, or cell service for 8 days!)  She said she knew she was in a much better situation than so many others, but she felt a burst of yellow was a good way to celebrate her return to normalcy.  Thanks so much, J.!

And the rest of these photos are from Lauren Perkin of Charlotte, NC.  She runs an Etsy shop full- time called Plumfield Shop.

Her husband's favorite color is yellow and she's always loved that about him.  :)  She's been craving yellow this season as well, to help ward off the blues that dark days and cooler weather can bring.  She's been designing as many yellow items for her shop as she can.  I just LOVE that plaid scarf so much...and the plaid clutches (see more here.)  Thanks, Lauren!
I hope you all have a great day!


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  1. Thanks so much for including me, Mara!

    On this super super gray NYC morning, I felt such a jolt of energy when I saw my pic at the top. Yellow really does work wonders!

    (Granted, it was also a little surreal/adrenaline rush to see my lower half on one of my favorite blogs!)


  2. What an amazing surprise to start the day by finding my pictures on A Blog About Love! I'm so honored to be a part of your wonderful blog, Mara!


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