Some Moments to Remember

This weekend….oh my.  SO many moments I want to remember forever…

Unfortunately, I don’t have many pictures.  There was just too much to do that my fingers never found my phone hidden somewhere under my work gear.  But my heart – oh my – it  wanted to take pictures of everything.  There was something extraordinary happening everywhere you looked…

1.  Hundreds from our group in yellow vests + the military + NY Sanitation = one heck of a clean-up day.  The site of it was unbelievable.

2.  The residents there were grateful.  Ever so grateful.  “God Bless You” they said – over and over and over – many with tears in their eyes.

3.  We saw the cutest little herd of boy scouts that you’ve ever seen.  So innocent and sweet amidst pure destruction.  It seemed like no place for children, but they came down the street pulling wagons and handing out snacks and drinks.  And yes, they were in full uniform!  So freaking adorable.

4.  And well – Staten Island seems to love Romney.  And they loved him even more when they found out most of our group were Mormons.  “Oh, we voted for Romney” they made sure to tell us  :).  One woman said her radio was to her ear on election night as she anxiously awaited the news in the dark of her flooded home.  Another resident wanted a picture of a huge group of us and said “Ok, ready…1, 2, 3… everybody say Romney!”  Kind of hilarious, since nearly all of the group were Democrats.  haha.  Everyone just smiled.

5.  We saw a very well dressed couple with two middle school children walking around.  They reminded me of the polished families from the Upper East Side.  They were walking the muddy streets and knocking on each door, delivering food and water to anyone who needed it.

6.  In some homes we worked along side the home owners.  We sometimes took breaks with them and drank Gatorades together.  The feeling of community was unforgettable.
7.  And this dude.  Yes, this happy car.  He helped us transport bag after bag of soaked sheet rock.  Sometimes you just make do with what you can find.  He was tireless.  🙂

And now – to bed we go with very full hearts.

Looking forward to seeing you back here tomorrow.


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  1. Anonymous November 12, 2012 at 8:27 am - Reply

    Mara and Danny,

    Since last week I wanted to comment. First, I am so happy to find in your blog at this time, reports of what is going on. I follow several bloggers from NY, but I must say I was very disappointed to see them get on with their "regular blogs" talking about design, fashion, books, parenting, decoration or whatever else, as if nothing had changed. Just little posts about "where to help", etc.

    I am grateful to see that you are putting all your love and virtue out there, with those who need it most, even if it changes for a while from the regular "couple love" issues of the blog.I think it's brave and beautiful and totally worth it! Bravo for that! And what are you doing as a couple other than loving others? So wonderful! Such an exemple!

    Also, don't worry if you have sometimes a hard time putting into words what you are living… your heart is in there, that's the most important!Thank you for doing this, giving an exemple of service. Thank you for being brave enough to "change" the subject in times like this (although, we are still talking about LOVE!), thank you for being yourselves and giving us foreigners to NY, an intimate look of what has been going on there. When you wrote that they closed the street so people could take showers… it made me cry! No midia has been showing this…. and that and the solidarity experiences you are having are the most interesting human experiences that people could live in times like this.

    Thank you so much!

  2. Anonymous November 12, 2012 at 10:10 pm - Reply

    Sorry, but #4 – kind of hilarious?

  3. cw November 13, 2012 at 1:04 am - Reply

    Ha, I do think #4 is funny. Like, "oh you are Mormon? You must love Mitt Romney and Jello Salad!" A long way from Utah. 🙂

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