30 November 2012

Love Announcements

Happy Friday, everyone!

Ahhh...the first weekend of December.  So exciting.  I can't wait to enjoy a few festivities in the city over the next few weeks.  Right now I'm most excited about doing some gift shopping at the Holiday Market at the Brooklyn Flea (I always love the chance to support Brooklyn's local artists and businesses.)  And, I'm excited about a good old fashioned cookie swap.  I've never been to one! 

And tonight?  Date night with Danny!  :) 

And...here are some things I can't help but recommend...

-Mumford & Sons.  Do you guys know this English folk rock band?  I am sure everyone knows about them by now.  We are so behind the times. :)  But we just bought two albums (Babel and Sigh No More) and we are loving them so much! 

-This first review of Les Miserables will make you so excited.  The film got a standing ovation at the first screening!

-If you go to Bryant Park for iceskating, go to Kettle Corn NYC in the Christmas Market.  I had it once last year and I'm obviously still dreaming about it. :)

-Who knew that organic chapstick could come in this many flavors?  (Love the packaging!)

-This had us laughing out loud.

-And, every woman needs to listen to this!  It will help you own your beauty!!

Thanks to all our readers.  We think of you guys all the time, in case you were wondering :)


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  1. I love, love, love Mumford and Sons! Their lyrics are the best, not to mention their sound!

  2. it's funny cause it's true! ;)

  3. Hello there! My fiance and I are having a little Park Slope date tonight after he gets home from work to celebrate our five year anniversary :) Glad you guys are having date night, too!
    Kate at ummmnowwhat.blogspot.com

  4. I am obsessed with Mumford and Sons, I've seen them five times in concert. You must see them live if you get a chance, they are so much better.

  5. Love your lipstick!! Please share the color.

    1. HI! Thanks! This was my new favorite obsession (cranberry cheek/lip tint from 100% Pure). This is on my lips and cheeks. But, the color wasn't solid enough for what I wanted that day on my lips, so I mixed it with Ruby Woo by Mac.

  6. Can't wait to see Les Mis! Thanks for sharing the link to the review.

  7. MUMFORD! I saw them at a concert last year and the crowd was, I swear to you, a quarter mile long. I imagine it was like Woodstock. But less nudity. I think, anyway.

  8. You should check out Head & The Heart, Jinja Safari, Givers, and The Avett Brothers if you like Mumford and Sons. oh and Ben Howard and Lucy Rose.:)

  9. You should check out Head & The Heart, Jinja Safari, Givers, and The Avett Brothers if you like Mumford and Sons. oh and Ben Howard and Lucy Rose.:)


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