In Case Your Life Feels Like a Hurricane…

I can imagine that many people watching the news may actually relate to some of the destruction they are seeing.  Perhaps someone’s marriage is falling a part.  Perhaps someone’s child is in ICU.  Perhaps someone is living a lie or living with shame.  Perhaps someone is suffering with mental illness.  I think at some level, destruction is something we all can relate to – and we all will taste it at some point in our lives.  Have you felt it?  I know at one point, when my first husband became more and more uncertain about our marriage, it felt like my life was in a hurricane.  Life as I knew it was totally falling apart.  All was very uncertain and sad.

And so, what can we do?


Let go of what we were holding onto so fiercely.  

Define a greater reason for living.  (For me, it’s love.)


Start small.

Little by little. 

Keep going. 

Build a stronger foundation the second time around.

Be grateful for the chance to live and experience it all.

These things are hard to do.  Oh man.  These are no small feats.  But, there is hope!  We’re all in this together!!  Isn’t that such a gift?  I hope those feeling the affects of a hurricane right now, literal or figurative, can feel some support and love.  And I hope in some small way, you can feel some support and love from us through this blog, too.  We are rooting for you.

And, you’ll be amazed by this comment left by a reader:

“I lived through Katrina.  My family lost everything.  Those in my neighborhood did as well.  It ended up being my most favorite time of my life!  I still think back to that time after the immense devastation in my city and reminisce about it.  Ugh.  SO much love.  So much turmoil, yet so very much faith and hope.  I’ve truly never seen so much strength, love, and beauty in my life.  Yes, it was terribly hard and I don’t want to discount or minimize that.  Yet, love was so prevalent and POWERFUL during that time…everyone coming together…people coming out of the woodwork to help!!  It really does make a difference.”

(images via Maria Petrova and Airows)

Have a wonderful day, everyone!


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  1. A.Co November 6, 2012 at 2:41 pm - Reply

    I was JUST leaving a comment on your previous post and READ that comment you posted above. SIMPLY AMAZING. WOW. I too, am blown away by her comment.

  2. Heather November 6, 2012 at 4:00 pm - Reply

    Silver linings…

  3. Lisette November 6, 2012 at 6:34 pm - Reply

    It is easy to feel you are in control of your life when everything is going well. Once something tragic happens, it stops you cold in your tracks and suddenly everything nonessential is swept away from your life. About a month ago at 28 weeks, I delivered our son as a stillborn. Our lives have simultaneously felt like a hurricane and a time of great peace. Tragedy has a way of refocusing you and encouraging you to take an eternal perspective on life. I never thought I would be able to say I am grateful for my trials, but my trials are the things which mold me, grow my faith and teach me more about myself than in times of peace.

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