25 November 2012

From Sandy: Some Recommendations From the Field...

We have had the honor of doing Sandy clean-up with some amazing people each weekend.   While we're out there, we talk in between loads of debris.  And of course, we're always exchanging good ideas and new things to try.

Here are some new-to-me recommendations that I had to share with you:

WRAP-N-MATS:  While out in the field, it's essential to bring your own sack lunch.  In fact, lunch time is super fun.  We have a tail gate and so we've been "tail gating"!!  Not something we normally do around here.  It's been so fun.  Well, more than one of my cool friends pulled out these "Wrap-N-Mats" at lunchtime.  They are reusable sandwich holders AND they double as a clean place mat.  On sale now for $7.59.  So smart.  Much better than a zip lock bag.  This just might be in Danny's stocking this year.  :)

PHILLIPS WAKE-UP LIGHT:  We've had to get up earlier than normal to get out to Staten Island or Coney Island...though our commute is nothing compared to many people we were working alongside.  So many have been getting up at 3:00 am (!)  in order to drive and get to NY in time.  I'm telling you, these people we've met are the best in the world.  Anyway, one of our new good friends told us about this amazing alarm clock she uses, the Phillips Wake-Up Light.  This alarm will mimic the sun by gradually lighting up your room in the morning.  She said this thing has been money well spent in her book.  Waking up is loathsome for her and this has helped immensely.  I really, really want to get one of these!!  It even plays a cricket sound if you want it to (yes, please!)  I hope Santa is reading this.  :)

LOUNGE WEAR FROM UNIQLO:  Working out in the field all day kicks our butts completely.  We've been using muscles we didn't even know we had.  And you get very, very dirty, to say the least.  Though somehow the whole experience of piling up debris or deconstructing a house makes you feel strong and powerful.  But, at the end of the day, there is nothing better than a hot shower and some clean cozy clothes.  I've been shocked at how much I've had cozy clothes on the brain after these Sandy clean-up days.  It's like the ONLY thing you could imagine wearing after that shower.  One of our friends out there told us about the lounge wear from Uniqlo.  She later sent me the link and said these are "the BEST pants in the world.  They come in 6-10 different colors and patterns in the store; the ribbed cuff is key.  You'll find them in packaged-clothing section with socks, leggings, and misc. underpinnings."  I want to get some of these ASAP.  I love that they're so affordable ($12.90).  Did you know that Uniqlo just launched on-line shopping?  :)  New Yorkers can no longer brag about getting to shop at Uniqlo.  :)

SUSHI:  You know New Yorkers, we are crazy about food.  And when you're working and hungry, it's a sure thing you'll start swapping restaurant recommendations.  Well, here's a sushi place that we now are DYING to try...Hatsuhana.  It opened in 1976 and it's strictly a sushi specialty restaurant.  Some people say it's one of the best sushi restaurants in all of NYC.  Also, it's always a treat to have them prepare sushi right in front of you.  Again, dying to go there :)  (Especially after seeing the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi...one of our favorite documentaries we've seen in a long time.)

Hope you enjoyed these recommendations as much as I did.  (THANKS, MELISSA & PAWEL!)


P.S.  Have you put your name in for one of the Harvey Faircloth gifts I'm giving away? There's still time.  I'll be choosing some names tomorrow, on Monday.   So far, I have LOOOVED everyone's comments.  They have been so fun to read.


  1. Oh, those pants reminded me... Danny, have you ever tried the plain old t-shirts from Uniqlo? The cheap $6 ones? Are they good quality?

    1. Why yes I have :) And I love them. I purchased their v-neck t-shirts in gray and black and wear them quite regularly. They hold up, they fit right, and they seem to keep their color pretty well. Totally worth $6 (in fact worth a lot more). Mine are currently about 2 years old and still going strong.

  2. I love Uniqlo!!! One of the greatest things I've discovered since moving to Japan, where it all started :D Fashionalbe, affordable, and good quality clothes. Love it.

  3. finally, I was bemoaning the fact that to get more uniqlo I would need to be back in the city again, my colorful skinny jeans were getting lonely, they would like more uniqlo friends;)

  4. Thank god you look stylish while volunteering!!! Isn't the opposite of volunteering... bragging about volunteering?? Get a life.

    1. Hi reader - I mentioned volunteering experiences to hopefully inspire others to do the same. Also, it was an experience this city will never forget. I think it's wonderful to share and document. And no, I can assure you we did not look stylish...it was the furthest thing from our minds. I hope you have a great day.


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