13 November 2012

A Helping Hand

This video brought me to tears.  It was just made by Joshua Brown, a friend and an extremely talented photographer in New York.  It's about the hurricane relief and The Mormon Helping Hands, a force of thousands of people that show up on the scene when people are in need.  It was truly an honor to be a part of this effort.  If you'd like to join in, you can follow the NYC Facebook or NJ Facebook page for more info.  You can also email us directly and we can give you times and dates for NYC.  The relief efforts will be ongoing each day, including this Saturday and Sunday.



P.S.  One of our blog readers joined us last Sunday...and even brought a car full of supplies.  It was amazing to serve with her.  Here are some of her pictures.  Thanks so much, Melissa! 

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  1. Hey, my bro is in that video, the handsome dude at 1:00 and 1:03. Wish I could be there, moments like that are what life is for.

  2. Wonderful video, it brought tears to my eyes too! When I heard the bride saying that she has received all these gifts and that she might not even need all of it, I thought: we should make a campaign: This year for Christmas, we are not going to buy our family and friends gifts, but we will spend the money of their gifts giving these families what they need...

  3. "The gospel in action..." so powerfully true. Thanks for sharing Mara.

  4. What an incredible video. It is so hard to watch all of this taking place when we are so far away. I wish we could come and help all our friends in Staten Island and Brooklyn! But thank you for what you are doing!

  5. Well, thanks for making me cry! Haha.
    But seriously, this is amazing. Brings back my faith in humanity.
    Way to go, LDS members!

    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  6. awesome video!!! thank you for sharing. y'all are amazing! love reading the blog :)

  7. Couple of my friends are in it as well. Girl passing bucket at 5:40 and the girl who just had her bridal shower. Brought tears to my eyes as well. Wish I could be there to help out.

  8. I live in Minnesota and seeing all of this, I need to do something...help out. Can anyone help connect me to a few local people (volunteers). I want to spend a week at Rockaway --help where needed!

    Shawn Chhim (inspired!)

  9. Mara, we live in Dallas. My family and I just watched Joshua's video. We want to help the people in NYC & NJ but we're not sure where to go to find out what the needs are or, in what specific ways we can help. My son has been searching for a meaningful Eagle Scout Project. After seeing the video, and hearing news coverage these last couple weeks, he wants to organize some sort of relief effort, from afar. Do you have any suggestions for how we could find out what people need? Any specific neighborhoods or areas that have suffered the greatest losses? Do you PERSONALLY know of any needs? We're wondering if there are organized efforts to provide Christmas to families who have lost everything. I feel like, because you're so involved there, you are my only resource for knowing what to do, but I'm sure there are specific websites or other resources...just not sure how to find them.

  10. This video is also circulating in Seattle, thanks to two families who used to live in New York City who are spearheading some relief efforts here. It is very inspiring to us all! I am showing it to my children tomorrow for our morning devotional (pending I can get everyone ready in time). Love this. So grateful to Joshua for taking the time to document the moment.

  11. I live in Boston and was in Queens on Saturday helping out; it was an amazing experience.


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