02 October 2012

My Little Trip to Chicago

I got asked to host an event in Chicago for Babble & Levi's and I was THRILLED because my older brother and his wife and two children live in downtown Chicago.  I was so happy to go visit them and also see their new home.  And I was super excited I got to go with my sister-in-law on one of her #dailywalks that she posts about on Twitter  :)  She encourages everyone to tweet a photo from their daily walk so we can inspire each other to get moving!  I know every time I see one of her tweets, I feel inspired to get out there.

She lives right on the harbor of Chicago and I just loved soaking up her world for a day - you can see what we saw on our walk right here.  She's also a raw foodie and makes amazing things to eat.  She made me these almond coconut macaroons and I just loved them - especially from the plane on the way home.

Want to get a peak at their gorgeous flat?  I loved getting a peak, so I thought you might like to as well.  They are in the process of furnishing their home and they would love to hire a designer to help them.  They want to make it very kid-friendly!  Do you know of any designers that you would recommend for the project?  Or do you have any great kid-friendly design ideas to pass along?

 I loved this space they had for kids' projects, games, and books.  We're kind of a game and book family.  :)

Loved these cheerful little things in their window. 

This couch was ridiculously comfortable (they got it from Room & Board).  It had a quality that I've decided is essential in a couch....it must be deep enough for two people, side by side.  Anything else is just a shame :)

My niece has a book with her at all times :)  

I love this poster.  (They used to live on Printers Row, in Chicago.)


Loved this beautiful tub.  Of course my photo doesn't do it justice.

My SIL said I should shower here - and it was soooo nice.  I mean, a built-in steamer and rain shower?  Yes, please. 
The End.  

Looking forward to visiting Chicago again soon.  
(A big family Thanksgiving dinner and lots of game nights are in order! :) 

P.S.  I wrote a bit more about my Levi's weekend here & here on Babble. 

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  1. Hello!
    I am really loving your blog. It's so heartfelt, sincere and inspiring. Add a new fan to your follower! Have a great day!

    ps. you would be more than welcome if you'd like to drop by and visit my blog.

    1. Thanks for your sweet note. I'm always so happy to see new readers here! :)

  2. They have a beautiful home! I think it is so funny how many different styles people decorate their homes in. I don't particularly enjoy a modern style, but they make it look cozy.

  3. They should check out the Novagratz designs, they are amazing at mixing textures & colors and they always make the rooms/homes they design so functional and livable. The pictures of your brother and SIL's home reminded me of them anyway!

  4. I am actually a designer that just moved to Chicago and would love to help them out. Please feel free to have her email me at jamie@jamiefoleyinteriors.com or through my blog sanctuaryhome.wordpress.com. I am excited to grow my business in Chicago, so I would love the opportunity.

  5. My good friend Leslie just started a interior design business and she is AMAZING!! She is based in Los Angeles but is willing to travel: http://www.lesliepaugh.com/

  6. Hmmm, I'm thinking someone needs to go pick up all that clutter. Oh, that would be me . Had too much fun talking with you, rather than pick up.

    1. I think the clutter is endearing! It makes it all the more evident that some cute kids live there :)

  7. I worked for an interior designer, www.cweisner.com, he's in LA, but travels for the right client. He's amazing. Aimee Song, of the blog songofstyle (which is a great personal style blog)...she is an interior designer, haven't seen her work, but if her work is a reflection of her own home; she's great. p.s. your niece is gorgeous.

  8. I run a group of female entrepreneurs in Chicago, and one of my members has a wonderful design firm: http://thecravecompany.com/directory/chicago-roomten-design/

    And Tai is a joy to be around! Nice to find that combo of skilled AND friendly.

    Love your blog --



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