05 October 2012

Love Announcements


Hello everyone!

Big news in my world:  tonight I had PIZZA!  I ordered gluten-free, cheese free pizza from Domino's.  Sounds awful, I know.  But I can't tell you how good it was!!  I haven't had pizza in over a year and half.  (Pics are from the day we slipped into a pizzeria with Justin Hackworth, during the photo shoot.)

Photo by Justin Hackworth, Bleecker Street Pizza

It's been one busy week at the Kofoed's.  But it's been wonderful.  The other night some of my dearest girlfriends came over and we just sat in the living room chatting 'til late into the night.  You know it's a good chat when the husbands start calling to make sure they're ok.  :)  I wish I could chat with many of you like that.  There are so many good conversations to be had!  (For now we'll try to keep up with you in the comments!  :)

And - today I had such a tender day.  I was with a woman in my community who has stage 4 lung cancer and so the women of my church in Brooklyn are caring for her (and her severely autistic 15 year old daughter) around the clock.  I've known this woman for years and it has been one of the most humbling experiences of my life to care for her during this time.  The reality is, that she cares more for all of us than we do for her.  Every time I leave her home, she calls me later that night to check on me - to make sure I got home ok - to make sure I am getting enough rest after a long day.  I don't know if I've ever known a woman with more faith, more kindness, and more love.  I will forever cherish these moments with this woman and her daughter, and I'll forever be inspired by all the women around me for their hours and hours of service they offer this woman.  

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL, restful, renewing weekend.
I'm happy to have a Sunday coming up.  It's nice to know we can take things slow and focus on wellness and inspiration before a new week begins.

Much love to you all,


And....a few love announcements:

-Have you guys ever been to Sleepy Hollow, NY?  We are going!  I'm so excited!  We just got tickets to the scary Horseman's Hollow and it makes me feel haunted just thinking about it.  EEKS!  There's also the Great Jack O' Lantern Blaze, which looks amazing.

-10 Things Every Single Needs to Know About Marriage

-Breaking Up:  The Only Person I Couldn't Tell It Was Over - so moving.  I felt similarly with our best friends, actually.  I first told most of my core friends about the divorce and it was so hard, but with one couple, I waited a few days longer.  I just couldn't do it yet.  

-As we wait for our next infertility appointment (which is SOON. Crazy!), I'm reminded of this story written by a husband about trying to get to Manhattan for an IVF.  Oh, the love I have for anyone out there jumping through more hoops than you can imagine.

-Things to do in the Fall in New York (I posted this last year). 

-This article about running a small business had really, really helpful comments.

And, a post I wrote for Babble:

-Some Things I Do To Live Smartly & Simply



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  1. As the sister of an 8-year-old autistic boy, I have to ask: what will happen to her daughter when she passes away?

  2. When you go to Sleepy Hollow, try Mint (tasty restaurant with a lovely yet laid back vibe) or Silver Tips (adorable tea shop) in neighboring Tarrytown. Yum. :-)

    1. thank you SO much for the recommendations! I have taken note of these for when we visit.


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