29 October 2012

Hunkering Down in Brooklyn

It's Sunday evening and we are prepared for the hurricane which is supposed to affect New York on Monday.  Right now the wind is howling and hissing through our windows.  Tomorrow we'll have high winds and maybe even snow!

I am seeing lots of tweets from other bloggers in the city and it makes me think of everyone out there and I hope that everyone is safe during the storm. 

New York emergencies are such memorable events.  Somehow they bring people together.  I've been feeling that this weekend as everyone has been preparing, buying groceries, and checking on friends and neighbors.  In fact, as this Sunday closes, my heart is so full.  The togetherness and the human connection I have been witnessing between people today is just so beautiful.

For example, two women I know rode on bikes to check on some people across town.  One is on a residency rotation and also has a 1 year old and I literally can't believe how she found the time to do this.  But she did.  They went to check on some people in our community to see if they had any needs before the storm.

Another woman asked me if we had enough food on hand in case there was an outage and literally said she'd drop some off at my house if needed.  (We will be fine, but can you believe the generosity?)

And I've seen dozens of people not only thinking of their own families, but reaching out to others to offer some help, if needed.

Truly, it's been heart warming to witness.  

Sending love to all.  And lots of gratitude for some really amazing people in this world.


P.S.  Brooklynites:  Danny and I are on high grounds in Park Slope.  If anyone gets flooded or needs help, tweet us or email us  - we'd love to help if we can.  

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  1. Such a kind gesture Mara...totally not surprised though :) Good luck getting through that storm! Hopefully it's more hype than drama...

  2. that is one thing that is the best about disasters. The way people pull together! my city was severly flooded almost 2 years ago now and it was amazing how the entire city worked together! after the flood the place was cleaned up to presentable within a weekend with an army of helpers. My husband was in the bishopric and gone for 5 days ringing everyone on the ward list, sending out clean up crews and keeping check on everyone and where they were. There is such love in dark times and thats what holds us all together. some people said the flood showed us just how much Australians can care for eachother.

  3. It is nice to see such a diverse city come together in such circumstances. Hope you lovebirds are safe and warm.

  4. Hi, I hope you are doing ok. I've just seen that 250.000 people are out of electricity... and 13 died. I am really sorry! My prayers go to all of you!

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