21 September 2012

Love Announcements

A few pics Danny took of me on our date night.... (p.s. I am loving my new jeans.)

Two posts I recently wrote for Babble:

And, a few fun things to recommend:

- The Diminutive Review is a new blog started by one of my most favorite women ever.  She happens to be obsessed with beautiful, classic, high-quality children's clothing AND is also obsessed with getting a good deal.  Lucky for us, she shares all her finds, tricks and secrets.  The Brooklyn moms are already going nuts over it!!

-I just bought this all natural shampoo & conditioner that just came out.  (I'm trying to go with safer ingredients these days.)  I'm really happy with it & it smells amazing - and...it's cheap!  

-My friend wore one of these to church and I totally want one.  

-My brother happens to be a genius.  At age twelve he read physics, computer and math text books and was communicating with Russia via ham radios that he built in our basement.  :)  I'd say this is the perfect artwork for his hedge fund office in Chicago.

-And, a little tip for husbands and wives: go out and serve somebody...together.  It's awesome.  Tonight I was involved with helping at a wedding where the family didn't have much.  Danny came along and decided to be the photographer.  I helped with decorations and food.  In the process, we became quite smitten with each other...it's kind of hard not to.  I mean, what is there not to love about a man who is out helping someone?  :)


  1. Loving your Babble post on things that will change when you have children! Funny enough - many of the same things happen when you get a dog! Late night movies? Impromptu traveling? Bedroom activity? Some of these can be tricky to work out - but I look at it as part of the fun of learning how to grow your family, as part of the adventure and the joy of love. If you keep that mindset (and I'm sure you and Danny will be able to), you can still be you and Danny, but plus one!

  2. Mara,

    I randomly came across your blog last night (I was browsing through Pinterest and saw the post on J.Crew styling tips) and stumbling upon your blog was truly an answer to prayer. We are dealing with infertility as well and have been playing the "waiting game" for the past year thinking that we will get pregnant with each passing month. I have completely been basing my happiness on getting pregnant and being a mother, and I've been putting off goals and things, thinking that it will "happen next month". About a month ago, I realized that I can't live like this. I have no idea when we will be blessed with a baby and I don't want to play the "waiting game" for years and miss out on life. Reading your blog has given me so much comfort. I realize that I can't base my happiness on my circumstances and I need to be one with god and LOVE OTHERS and be happy with myself and my life as it is right now. I have much to be grateful for, but the desire of having a baby has clouded my mind and I've been focusing so much on what I don't have instead of being grateful and enjoying all the things that I do have. Having peace and being happy with myself and my life right now will make me a much better mother when we do have a baby. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your words because they really have changed my outlook and the way I will deal with this trial and future trials. During our prayers last night my husband even expressed our thanks for finding this blog. hehe So from the both of us, Thank You!
    -We are on our third round of Clomid...crossing our fingers, but if not, we will be happy anyways!:)


  3. I love your purse (and blog of course!!). Where can I get that purse? I live in Oregon so we will likely never be matchy matchy :)

  4. mara! have you seen the colonel sanders ties from freshly picked? you need one! {http://freshlypicked.bigcartel.com} i'm wearing the navy blue today and it takes all of my self-restraint not to wear it everyday.

  5. Mara-got my pair of jeans yesterday....they have changed my life. They fit perfectly and are SO comfortable. Thanks for sharing.


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