27 August 2012

Visiting the Adirondacks

My body is quite sore.  So is Danny's.  :)  We just hiked 7 miles in to a lake in the Adirondacks - carrying all our supplies on our backs.  Oh man.  I've dreamed of going to that beautiful area of New York and it was everything I wanted it to be.  But um...the best part was hiking & camping with Danny.  You guys - he is the best outdoorsman.  I LOVED seeing him just so handy and smart in those woods.  And he made me dairy free hot chocolate to wake up to.  And he packed a mylar blanket in case I got a little cold in my sleeping bag (which I did).  And he boiled our drinking water from the running stream.  And he warmed some water for us to take a shower.  Yes, camping is supposed to be roughing it.  But not with Danny.  That man just spoiled me rotten. 
Happy Trails to all of you this week!  (I hear school is starting for many!  Good Luck!!)


(vintage postcard image here.) 

P.S.  Our photo shoot with Justin Hackworth was so fun.   I've heard so many people speak so highly of him so I was really excited about it...and yes, he was awesome.  Here is a little sneak peek from the day:  Ira Glass walked right into the frame during one of the shots!  (He's the host and producer of This American Life.  Are you a fan?)  And, crazy detail:  that was the SECOND time Justin crossed paths with Ira during his stay in New York.  That never happens.  You hardly run into friends...let alone famous people...and twice in 48 hours.  That is NUTS.  We need to hang out with Justin more often.

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  1. Sounds like such a fun camping trip! If camping was always like that, I'd be a much bigger fan of it x

  2. I just thought, that looks a lot like Ira Glass. And it was! Too funny!

  3. I LOVE IRA GLASS! SUCH A CREATIVE CRUSH! You should cherish that photo forever.

  4. Ha! Maggie took the words out of my mouth!!! My husband and I love Ira. My husband got us tickets to see him speak a year or so ago and it was one of the best experiences. When I saw the picture I thought, whoa they got a picture of Ira.....whoa, they got a picture of themselves AND Ira! So awesome. I'm glad you had such a great time camping & hiking!

  5. I too Love Ira and This American Life. It's my favorite podcast to tune into when commuting too and from work.

  6. I saw that Justin tweeted that and had to laugh--when we were hanging out with him in Las Vegas earlier this year at a photo convention, he was definitely the one with the hookups who knew the right people! He may be a bit lucky too, but I think he really just has a gift for making friends and being memorable. :)

  7. You're basically signing up for magic when you get together with Justin. Ira is my favorite celebrity- brilliant, perfect humor and quirk. (TAL was my therapy after my marriage ended suddenly last year. It worked! :)


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