The Happy Show

My designer friend, Linsey Laidlaw, went to Philadelphia to see The Happy Show exhibit by graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister.  She had the BEST things to say about this exhibit.  Danny and I had planned to go see it a couple of weekends ago, but then Danny got asked to speak here in Brooklyn last minute, so we had to cancel our outing.  BUT, I still had to share some photos with you…because I just LOVE the aesthetic and the message of this show.  You guys, the theme of the entire show is all about exploring the sources of happiness.  Can you see why I’m having a hard time choosing happiness when I missed this show?!?!  😉

Well, if you are in the L.A. area – or in the surrounding states for that matter – I would put this show on your calendar because it’s coming to you in the winter of 2013.  My friends and I are so hopeful that the show will come to NYC next.  (I kind of want to beg them.) 

Also, see Linsey’s wonderful review & more pictures of the show here….she can fill you in more than me.



(photos from Behance, Aaron Igler, Freshness Mag)
P.S.  Something fun:  at the show, they ask people what their symbol of happiness is…


What would your ‘Symbol of Happiness’ be?   🙂  🙂
After the jump, read what mine would be and also see some of the super endearing symbols that people have drawn…..I just loved looking at these…..

See tons more of the ‘Symbols of Happiness’ on the show’s Tumblr page.

Mine?  What I am about to say shocks me, because even 6-7 years ago I felt so far from this on every level…but, it would be a picture of Danny and I sitting next to each other at church as husband and wife, surrounded by people we love as we regroup for the week, refocus our lives on doing good things, and sing beautiful hymns.  Yes, it’s true that I no longer ditch church for Caputo’s Bakery.  🙂 

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  1. Tiffany August 22, 2012 at 6:37 am - Reply

    I saw this and was excited because I am going to be in Philly in a few weeks but was saddened when I saw the exhibit was already over. But…I LIVE IN LA!! Thanks for the info. I am also going to be in NYC in a few weeks, it's going to be a fun trip, looking forward to being on the East Coast. Thanks so much for the list of restaurants!

  2. Michelle Medhat November 7, 2015 at 10:43 am - Reply

    Thank you both SO much for this list. I will be spending a day in Manhattan next week.I enjoyed reading this post and discovered the best restaurants in Manhattan, keep up the good work.

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