17 August 2012

Love Announcements

It's been awhile!

Here we go with a few things we'd love to share...

-This J.Crew model is wearing Nars Schiat lipstick.  LOVE.  And a great all natural alternative would be Ilia's Neon Angel(photo from Behind the Line)

-You guys may know I'm such a fan of vintage Polish movie posters.  But look at these minimal movie posters, too!  So great - especially for kids' rooms.

-I am literally leaving my apt. in two minutes to buy heirloom tomatoes at the Farmers Market.  Must make this Panzanella salad NOW.  :)  (Recipe and photo by Rebecca of The Daily Muse.)

-Loved this article about gluten!  I think it's important for us all to be informed about it.  (Thanks, Gabrielle.)

-I love these fall shoes

-Can't wait to try this hair do.  And, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a haircut by Rubi when she is in NYC. 

-I'm way too excited about Jenny moving to Brooklyn! (I'm just loving reading details of her brownstone renovation.  :)

-Love this company called Tattly (fun & well-designed temporary tattoos.)  And loved the owner's write up of what she learned in the first year of business.

-And, 7 Ways to Have a Better, Happier Relationship.

Cheers to a happy weekend!!!!  Next week:  ALT NYC!  (dying.  can't wait to go.  Danny will be joining me, too.  If you're there, please say hello if I don't see you first!  :)

Much love,


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  1. I love Tattly. I ordered the knucks a while back, and wore some to a show I played a while back. I doubt anyone but the band knew I was LDS, but I still love the irony.

  2. ahh - you are a girl after my own heart with the vintage Polish posters. I have a Gary Cooper Solidarity poster and a vintage Some Like it Hot and they are among my prize possessions.

    Looking forward to seeing you in NYC next week!

  3. That salad looks absolutely devine! I must go and buy some tomatoes NOW so I can enjoy it!


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