Chuck Butler of Brooklyn

Chuck Butler socks

I couldn’t resist.  I had to tell you all about our friend here in Brooklyn, Jeff Butler.  He owns Chuck Butler and sells SOCKS. 🙂  I seriously recommend checking out every page of his website, because it will make you smile (more like laugh out loud).  His branding is super charming and entertaining.  And don’t miss his custom flags!

Danny has some of these socks and LOVES them….(and I love them, too.  One of my friends aptly gives the nickname of “Sexy Socks” to a guy if he has great looking socks…and I’d say that yes, great socks on a guy definitely do add some sex appeal. 🙂

Chuck Butler socks

I met Jeff a few years ago, before he launched his business, and it was so fun to hear a bit about the company in the making.  I’m always amazed to see things go from an idea to a full blown business.  Oh man.  That takes so much effort.  But it’s really awesome to see it happen.

So, the website says that these socks are guaranteed to not be “wussy” or “itchy” and that they’re “susceptible to theft from the drawers of boyfriends and fathers by the women who claim to love them.”  But no fear, they sell sling shots, too.  To protect your socks.  Cause sockpapa says you’re going to need one.   🙂  🙂

Meet Jeff, here…..(he roller skates, too.)

Cheers to great socks for all our husbands and boyfriends and dads (& grandpas).

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  1. Jordan P August 23, 2012 at 1:13 pm - Reply

    Go Jeff! I've been dying to try these socks. And btw I saw you guys on 13th street or so last night. I know that's super creepy and I've never met you guys but love the blog. And just wanted to say you looked fab!

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