20 August 2012

A Happiness Triumph

Oh, I love this.  There are just so many of you amazing people out there who are changing your lives in huge and little ways.  Check out this sweet little email we just got from a reader who is newly pregnant....  

I just had to share my own little triumph with you.  I recently found out that I am pregnant after a while of trying.  I am over the moon excited, but I also am feeling sick.  Lame.  I knew this would happen, but for some reason I've been letting it get me down.  I had been feeling a little depressed and sorry for myself, which is super dumb because I am so blessed.  Anyway, so the other night I was laying in bed with my husband, feeling down about not helping around the house more, or not being the best mom to our little 2 year old, or whatever.  All because I was feeling a little sick.  (And, seriously, my "sickness" is SO tame compared to lots of women.  I'm just a total wimp!!)  So right then and there I remembered about choosing to be happy.  So I decided to do it.  My emotions have been CRAZY, but I decided to choose to be happy, even if I'm feeling like a crazy woman, or even though I'm feeling sick.  And it WORKED!  The past two days have been AMAZING!!  I still feel sick, but I've decided not to complain about it, or talk about it, and try not to think about it.  It's made a WORLD of difference!!  I'm almost my normal self and I'm not feeling bad for myself anymore.  I'm so lucky to even be able to have a baby, and I know that.  But it was putting the "choosing happiness project" into work that did it for me.  Anyway, I just wanted to tell you this because choosing happiness can be for any little thing!  Even something as silly as feeling sick and trying to be happy instead of sad about it.


You guys, choosing happiness is REAL.  I'm telling you - it really works.

P.S.  I am so, so happy to announce that we will be offering our series of online classes again SOON.  I'll keep you posted with the dates.  Our first class, 'Choosing Happiness', is coincidentally all about the nitty gritty behind what this dear reader just did and how we can all do it, too....even in crappy circumstances.  We have worked out a formula for exactly what we think makes it happen...and it has worked for people time and time again!   :)

(photo by Turning the Paige)

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  1. Great write-up ,keep up.This is amazing experience of a pregnant woman. http://messageonanecklace.com/articles/love_poems.html

  2. i love this and i can't agree more. choosing happiness and being grateful have changed my outlook so much. and although sometimes it is hard to do, when i make a concerted effort it is funny how much better i feel, all that negative energy is draining.

  3. Your blog is my new "morning-train-ride" read, and this post couldn't be more timely! I struggle with slumps of sadness, which are so hard to dig myself out of. The "choose happiness" slogan is precisely what I need to remember. Thanks for being psychic and knowing that I need this today!(Maybe now psychic - but you know what I mean:-)

  4. Great post! I would love more information on the Choosing Happiness Project.



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