01 July 2012

Want a Date Night (or a Girls' Night or Family Night) on Monday PM? Take Our Class!

Our next on-line class really snuck up on us.  It's TOMORROW NIGHT!  As in Monday night, July 2 @ 8:30 pm ET.  And it's one of my favorite classes.  I know I keep saying that. :)  But the information in these classes really is the best stuff we could ever share.  REGISTER HERE.

This class is about HOW ON EARTH TO SURVIVE A TRIAL.  How to get through really, really crappy things that come our way.  We're talking about stuff like divorce, infertility, a difficult relationship, death of loved ones, family situations that don't work out the way you planned, health issues, cheating spouses, being single when you wish you were married - or maybe your trial right now is just a crappy boss, indecision about life, unemployment, fear, anger, low self-worth, etc.  It doesn't matter what the trial is, we believe that there is hope, there is a way to truly be free and delivered from the pain of that trial.  Trust me, learning how to do that for yourself is the coolest thing you could ever do.  The stuff we will teach is the exact stuff that changed our lives completely and has helped us to truly be happy and peace today.  There are very specific things we did that made all the difference (stuff other people taught us to do.)  It really, really works.  And we have just felt so strongly that if we could do this, that other people could do this, too. 

So grab your spouse, your loved ones, sisters, friends.  We're ok to have you gather together to watch our class.  Pop some popcorn and listen to some ideas about how you can make your life better right now.  (I know firsthand that even just the act of doing something good for yourself makes you feel good.)  

Much Love,


P.S.  I was just thinking we should develop a class about dating.  Would anyone be interested?

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  1. I would TOTALLY be interested in the dating class!! :)

  2. Love the idea of a dating class! I'm in New Zealand so unlikely that the times would work for me, but hope you develop it anyway so others can enjoy. I think it is a great idea. Dating can be such a tricky thing, but I have learnt so much through it.

  3. Yes! Yes! on the dating class!

  4. Yes please!!! I would totally be interested and I know others who would too.

  5. I think you should start a dating forum, where those of us who are looking can find someone who wants to be on this same path. It doesn't even have to be specifically for dating, though.

    1. I loooove that you mentioned this. haha. I've totally been wanting to do this from early on. We so hope we can implement this. It will take some time and money for all the programming but I'm determined to figure it out. We met with a web designer last week. Waiting for estimate. Fingers crossed that it will be even halfway doable.

  6. Please do the class about dating!

  7. I just found you via Little Green Notebook....
    though it all feels Like one of those things that found me....I am excited for the ride and pray for your fertility ...

    and have followed you via email. I don't want to miss a thing...

  8. I would definitely take your class on dating!! Yes, please!! :)

  9. A dating class would be awesome, but how about a class for engaged couples?!

  10. I would love for you to have a dating or being single class. I'm happily married but have many single/dating/sort-of-committed friends that NEED help. i have already forwarded them all your posts about being single and dating -which are amazing. I would love to be able to direct them to your dating class as well!

  11. looking for the 'like' button on the dating class idea. This would be my biggest struggle/trial.

    I don't struggle with self worth, I know who I am, I like who I am, and think any guy would be lucky to have my adoration/attention. BUT what I do struggle with is body image. Having an ex who was addicted to porn and said not so kind things to me regarding my body has definitely created a trial that I've been working through for 6 years now.

    I've used your writings to begin reframing that experience from anger/hurt/betrayel/inabiilty to trust into a "what lessons have I learned and am grateful for because of this". So thank you for helping move at least that forward, I remind myself to reframe my thoughts when I start the blame game and 'victimhood' in regards to my marriage.

    I'd love to date and get remarried, and have that love and friendship and someday kids, but I'm not there yet. thanks!!

  12. Please do a dating class!!


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