25 July 2012

Underground New York

A few photos from around New York..........

 These cheap bags usually found at dollar stores are the best beach bags ever.  These were on 7th Avenue in Park Slope.

Here's our subway stop.  We've spent lots of time here over the years :)
 Heading into the city.

The cute old lady that lives here tends to her garden day and night.  She just painted that door!

This is what happens when you want to walk home from church and all you have is heels and a lucky pair of sacrificial socks in your hand bag.  I had never walked in New York in socks before.  Eww.  The thought of it is so gross.  But, well... it actually wasn't so bad...
I just love how homegrown Brooklyn is  :)

Have you guys had any crazy New York experiences?  Of course you have.  That's what's so cool about New York.

Recently when we were hanging out with friends, I revealed that when I was single, I kept getting invited to go dancing and um.....I don't dance.  I mean, really don't dance.  (I mean didn't :) :)  So I took a dancing class with a teacher who's sole endeavor was to teach people like me how to dance.  You know, at clubs and stuff.  Or wherever (cough, cough, Duck Beach.  Yes, I went there.  Heaven help.  For those who don't know, it's the Mormon spring break.) 

So I found the dance teacher on Craigslist.  I was slightly scared going to meet her (i.e. what if it was really a him?)  I left my fancy, polished desk at a hedge fund in Midtown, still with my pencil skirt on and headed to a building on 8th Avenue near the Theatre District.  Cash only.  Seedy.  But luckily it was packed with people.  This is where Broadway dancers rehearse and prepare for auditions in little studio rooms.  10 floors.  No elevator.  No AC.  Lots of sweat.  I could hear the Flamenco in one room, hip hop in another.  Dancers were walking with boomboxes up and down.  I'm telling you, "Fame - I'm Gonna Live Forever" was all I could think of.  It was definitely a slice of New York I had never experienced before.  I'm guessing the Wall Street analyst (still in his suit) who finished a class just before me felt the same way. 

My friends (& Danny) laughed their heads off when I told them about this.  "So did you learn some moves?"  They wanted to know.  Um, yeah.  I did.  And I wrote them down so I wouldn't forget.  One of them was called "Stirring the Pot".  lol.  They were dying.  They wanted to know how many were in the class and I told them it was just me (more laughter)  :)  Turns out she was so nice and reassuring that it felt like dance therapy.  Her favorite word was "fierce" and she kept telling me that my dance moves were fierce.  haha.  I'll take it.  

And then my friends told me about one of their crazy, underground New York experiences....The Moscow Cat Circus.  Yes, guys, a cat circus!  My friend said she couldn't stop laughing from the second it started because this cat came out in a remote control jeep and rode around on the stage.  Oh, I'm still laughing just thinking about it.  Sadly, the Cat Circus is no longer playing, but google provided a look at the glory days.

Have you done anything crazy cool in New York that was off the beaten path?
Oh man, do tell.  Danny and I would love to try them all.  

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  1. haha oh I how I wish I could experience the New York life for just a year. I envy you!
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  2. I'd love to live there, it sounds like there's always something amazing going on.. and the cat circus? Right up my street

  3. so so many crazy days and nights. i love to talk to people. probably people i shouldn't really be talking to. and in my grown up, married, mom years, i had to curb my randompeopletalkingmoments in order to make it home safely to my family each night.

    but! most of my adventures started from (dare i say it) following interesting looking people. you know the ones; people in bunny suits, artists making life-sized cardboard elephants on the sidewalk in the middle of the night, groups of pirates riding the staten island ferry. yes, these are the people that looked like a good time to me. I would strike up a conversation, ask them where they were going, and if it sounded cool, i would totally invite myself. new yorkers love a girl with a pair of cajones!

    these people led me to underground poetry slams, silent revolts, flash mobs, up to harlem to eat mangoes and eat at sylvia's, over to meet up with the blue man group for a private show for their friends, and yes, even to the most random late night vampire club, which do exist (but only at 3am on the C train).

    i always kept my street smarts about me, but I never said no to an adventure, and never regretted a thing! thanks for bringing back the memories, mara!

    1. Anon - WOW. You have experienced a kind of New York that most of us don't even know about. I could see this stuff in a cool picture book !

    2. NO WAY!! That sounds awesome and I love how adventurous (and safe) you were!! :P

  4. love that first pic and that dress on you! I recently went to NY for the first time...no crazy stories yet but I can't wait to go back!

    xx, alisia e

  5. Such a great story! It's totally you, Mara! Instead of sitting around feeling sorry for yourself because you can't dance, you put yourself out there and had an adventure.

    p.s. STILL laughing!

  6. My family lived in New York when we were little. My brother was born in a New York hospital and was the only caucasian baby in the nursery that day in 1972. My dad was looking at the babies through the nursery window and a big, friendly African American man in a leisure suit and a fedora came up to him (there to look at *his* baby) and, making conversation of the Proud Father variety, asked my dad, "Which one's yours?" That's made me laugh my entire life, and is a testament to the beautiful diversity in New York.

  7. OMG!! I'm in stitches over the cat circus!! LOL.

    That's so cool you went to a dance class, for one, that was seedy and FIERCE ;) I want to see some of these moves, Mara! Get Danny to record a lil' video for the blog, lol.

    Today's post was fun, refreshing and different. I liked your style too (not that I don't LOVE your posts everyday, I do!), it was a different side of you. <3

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984


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