24 July 2012

New Yorkers, Want More Closet Space?

Hey all, do you have some clothes you'd like to donate?  The Mormon congregation in Brooklyn has organized a community clothing drive as there are (4) charities in great need of clothes.  Drop-off your clothes at the blue building on Court St. & Union in Carroll Gardens on July 29, 29 or Aug. 4 from 10-4:30 pm (bins located just inside the door).

OR.....if you have a bunch of clothes and can't make it to the drop-off  - - - well, I have a big car in Brooklyn.  It was supposed to have (3) car seats in it by now but instead I use it for stuff like clothing drives.  So email me (mara[at]ablogaboutlove[dot]com) and let me put that thing to work  :)  And if you really want to get busy, on Aug. 4 there will be a huge effort to sort clothes and prepare them for delivery.  Me and my big car will be there.  It would be awesome to meet you.


P.S.  Tuesday night (tonight!) we have a class on-line at 8:30 pm ET.  It's called the "Language of Love" and it's all about how to speak more lovingly, how to be more vulnerable, and ultimately, how to really, really have a wonderful marriage (and life) by making the Language of Love a priority [REGISTER HERE.] 

 I love this class so much.  I love it because this is why my husband is the way he is.  It isn't by accident.  He is loving because he has dedicated his life to it.  And he really does aspire each day to master what he calls "The Language of Love"...and oh man, it really works.  It has made our marriage sweeter than I could imagine.  I couldn't be more grateful.


(Clothing Drive Announcement by Spencer Hansen of the Park Slope Mormon congregation, photo image by Domestic Architecture.)

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  1. So the class is Tuesday and not Wednesday this week?

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