27 July 2012

Launching...An On-line Book Club. Let's Read Some Great Books Together

There are so many books I want to read!  I feel like this stack of books is next to my bed.

Though it seems that since I've been in New York, my days have been so packed with other endeavors that (shamefully), reading often doesn't make the cut.  On the other hand, Danny has read about 100 books in the last year.  He reads in bed every night while I get cozy next to him.

Well, it's time to dive in to reading more books...because we just started an official Book Club for A BLOG ABOUT LOVE.  Yes, it's on!  And we promise the books will be awesome.  The first book is one of our lifetime favorites.....Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.  It's a short read, but life-changing, I tell you!

Amazon Prime that thing to your door, because the book club discussion will commence on AUGUST 1!  So go find yourself a beach.  Or a bubble bath.  Or a hammock (ahhh!) And join us for this end of summer greatness.

The Book Club discussion will take place over on a separate Book Club Facebook Page, so join in there.  We plan on the discussion being awesome.  :)  For one, you readers are some of the most insightful around (we go nuts over your comments and emails every day.)  Also, Danny and I will chime in AND one of our favorite women ever will be on board, too....her name is Lisa Riley.  She's one of our fantastic readers and...she's a book club extraordinaire (!).  So much so that she is helping us launch this project and wants to help us make it awesome.  We couldn't be more grateful to have her on board.  

Have a fantastic Olympics weekend, friends.


Danny & Mara

P.S.  We have some ideas for the next book, but if you have suggestions for the future, we'd LOVE to hear. 

(Awesome art exhibit by Adam Bateman, an old friend from Brooklyn)

Update:  I reread this post the day after publishing it.  And I see that I used the word "awesome" (4) times.  Oh dearie.  And now I'm hiding behind the stack of books.  That's the life of being a blogger.  :)

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  1. A great book to consider is The History of Love, by Nicole Krauss. So beautifully written, I read it with a pencil handy to underline all of my favorite passages. It's a lovely story about an old man reflecting on his life, plus it really makes you think about what it means to love and be loved.

    Seems like an appropriate topic for this blog! :)

  2. yay yay yay - i love book clubs!

  3. Sounds like a great idea! At the moment...I have a book club with my son. He's 4, and we're on a mission to read 100 books this summer. So far, we've almost hit 60! So fun! (And I'm enjoying them all too!)

  4. I agree with you heartily about Man's Search For Meaning. This book helped me make some positive changes in my life. Viktor Frankl's work is amazing and inspiring.

  5. I picked up the book and read it last week. So excited for book club!

  6. Such perfect timing. I keep meaning to read that book, purchased it a few months back and still haven't started. Now i'm motivated!

  7. This book was required reading for the kids I worked with in wilderness therapy. Awesome book. Another great one is "Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage". One of my favorites. Also the 5 love languages book is great. There are so many fantastic books our there! There is a talk that I love by Wayne Dyer about his book called "The Power of Intention". It's called the The Secrets of the Power of Intention: Live Lecture (6-CD Set) [Unabridged, CD] [Audio CD]. I absolutely love that series. He's fantastic! So many great books! A life changing book for me was "The Alchemist". It is a great book club read. It's short and such a sweet story with so many incredible messages. I know you would adore that book! I sure did!

  8. This book absolutely changed my life around and I've never been the same!! Such a powerful read and a PERFECT book to start the book-club! How much fun is that?

  9. I love the idea of a book club! Thanks :)

    May I suggest the book called Happiness by Matthieu Ricard? It is so insightful and perfectly inline with the kinds of things you guys talk about every day.

  10. A book to consider:

    The Blackberry Bush by David housholder blackberrynovel.com

    My Dad is the author and I would gladly give you copies to give away on the blog.

  11. lindsey-after seeing your comment I have just bought your dad's book on line. sounds interesting. thanks!

  12. Hi Mara, I've never been apart of a book club, much less an ONLINE book club. This book looked amazing, and it got to my door yesterday. I'm excited to dive in! Thanks!

  13. My favorite thing about this post is that you used "Amazon Prime" as a verb. ;) As for book clubs--I gave up, oh, about 7 years ago when I realized I just don't read. (I showed up to book club just to chit chat since I never got around to reading the books. Naughty naughty.) So I'll just hear what you guys have to say about it. Ha.

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