19 June 2012

Want to Take Our Classes?

Hey Everyone!

So - the response to our first round of (6) classes was sooo good.  Not only did people love the classes (which made us so relieved we couldn't stop smiling), but you may have noticed that we are still alive.  Yes, somehow we survived the mountain of work and moments of terror that went into the classes.  Haha.  (Though I did still have a class hangover the first couple of day of Brazil. :)  But we're back and rested and gearing up to do it all again.  Because.....it felt worth it in every way.  We got so many emails from people saying that it really, really is improving their marriages or that they really, really are living happier lives  - and so, we can't stop!  We're offering the (6) classes again for another round.  There's nothing we're more passionate about than trying to help you all live the best lives you can.  We chose these topics as they are the ones that we feel are the most important & universal to everyone whether you are married or single or divorced, a mother/father or struggling to get pregnant, in the dumps or just needing a little boost.  They are the greatest messages we could share with you.

In case you're new to our classes, here's how it works: 

1.  Register HERE.
-Before the class begins, you'll receive an email with a link which will give you access to the live class.

2.  Classes are on-line and LIVE 
-You will get to see Danny & I teaching (which means I have to do my hair that day :) but we won't be able to see you (so show up in your pajamas).
-You will have the opportunity to write in questions to ask us during the class, as there is a live chat box.

3.  We have (6) classes and we recommend taking all of them if you can!
-The classes work together so nicely and build on each other.  But they can stand alone, too, if you can't take all of them.  We share our guts out about our lives, our experiences and we've distilled it down to the best things we could teach you about the things that have made the biggest difference in our own transformations.

4.  Classes are $25 each.  
-We wish we could offer them for free!  Maybe someday we can.  But for now, we wanted to keep the price as affordable as possible while still covering the expenses we have in running the classes on-line.

5.  Classes are only available at the times and days listed
-At this time, we don't have the option to share a recorded class (so sorry).
-Classes are 1-hour long and this round will start at 8:30 pm eastern time.

6.  We will provide you with a written pack of class notes after the class.
-This way you can have everything to review later or share with your spouse. 

Mark your calendars, here's the full schedule for this next round (REGISTER HERE):

Wed., 6/27/12, 8:30 pm ET -  How to Choose Happiness.  The Basics.  101.
Mon., 7/2/12, 8:30 pm ET - Trials & Tribulations.  They happen.  How can we face them??
Wed., 7/18/12, 8:30 pm ET - How to Build and Enhance Self-Worth
Tue., 7/24/12, 8:30 pm ET - How to Develop the Language of Love
Tue., 7/31/12, 8:30 pm ET - How to Create a Better/Happier Marriage or Relationship
Wed., 8/8/12, 8:30 pm ET - How to Forgive, Truly

We hope so much to have you all join us!

And have a wonderful evening - hopefully with your loved ones.


Danny & Mara

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  1. I'm so excited - just registered for 'How to Choose Happiness.' Can't wait to hear what you guys have to say!

  2. I just found your blog and my husband and I are going to register for the class on the 8th--so excited--but I wondered if you are going to repeat these topics or if we could buy the class notes--so many of the topics are right what we need right now. We have been through a lot the last two years and we know there is still life left in our love and we just want to revive it--well actually not just revive--we have chosen to work together to make our marriage better than it ever has been but on our own we are not making the progress we need to stay motivated--so excited for the class.

    1. Awesome! As of Aug. 1, we do plan on repeating the classes for another round. I was just looking at the schedule and need to get the class dates posted. Stay tuned. And so glad to have you join in ! Welcome to our blog!


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