22 June 2012

How to Have a Happy Marriage While Traveling

What happens if you're traveling with your spouse and...

-the hotel is crap
-you don't feel confident in your swimsuit
-your bags got lost
-you have no power steering on muddy roads
-the plane is having mechanical trouble and delays take-off for 3 hours
-you feel like a sweaty, yucky homeless person while backpacking abroad
-the map and signs are not helping
-your spouse can't eat dairy or gluten and there is no food to be found  
-you take the wrong train and end up in the wrong country
-you packed the wrong kind of clothes
-your wallet got stolen
-your hotel shower drain is not draining
-you don't feel cute.........................

Well, this is what.  :)

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  1. Such a good post! (this one, and the one over at Babble). My hubby and I have had our good vacations and our bad vacations, so I can most definitely relate to these. I think the one about not letting your spouses mood affect your own is so hard but SO worth it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mara, I truly enjoy reading your posts. They are so refreshing. I am a newlywed and I have found that when I try just one small thing you suggest, it helps make our day better. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with all of us. It's funny how "obvious" they are!! But we forget...everyday we need to be reminded. Hugs to Danny!

  3. This is SUCH good advice. As someone with major travel anxiety, I tend to get easily upset/frustrated/scared and need to work on being more appreciative and gracious. Thank you.

  4. Yes! I needed these reminders as I gear up next week for a three-day road trip with 3 small children and then an overnight flight abroad. I love to travel, but I do need to work on reacting to the circumstances. All that advice applies for those of us traveling with kiddos, too, when keeping your cool and being considerate of others is essential. If I want my kids to become adventurous world travelers, I need to model positive traveling behavior now.

  5. I loved your post!!! My husband and I love to travel, but like you said, ANY vacation is bound to have some unexpected twists and turns come your way. I remember one time we were in Spain and were trying to catch a train to the coastal town we were staying at... well the train left EARLIER than scheduled and we were going to have to wait in this dinky little town for 4-5 hours till the next one came. I totally lost my cool! Like full on yelling. Now I am so ashamed of my behavior, but at the moment I was so stressed and frustrated. My husband stayed perfectly calm, was even NICER to me, and handled the situation. It ended up being a great experience, because that "dinky" town was actually Salvador Dali's birthplace, so we walked around and got to see all sorts of museums and Dali inspired scenes. It's amazing how you can turn any situation into a positive one! Thanks again for the post!

  6. Just found your blog and love it. New followers! Thanks for sharing.

    -The Spinsters


  7. Just found your blog... saw your picture and it looked familiar... the porch... oh, those crappy cars behind her... ohhhh... the metal door beside him... Are they in Brazil??? I'm from São Paulo, in Canada for 11 years...
    I read a bit of your infertility troubles.I know your pain. It's been a long road to us, but it ends well; we were blessed with a boy. This past Mother's Day was the end of our journey (the last IVF). It was a bittersweet Mother's Day, but I know how lucky I am. Just want to wish you and your husband all the best. And remember... everything is going to be alright.

  8. The situations are really realistic and are happening to anybody. More often these kind of experiences flare up irritation and anger that leads to unexpected arguments. I really appreciate the experiences you've shared here and they relate to my own. Thanks for sharing this.


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