09 May 2012

Tonight's Class - 8 PM

Hi Readers -

You should see my kitchen right now.  I've been in full class prep mode which means we ignore pretty much everything until the class is done & complete.  That includes cleaning, folding, showering, grocery shopping, errands, etc.  Every once in while I come up for air and quickly order some take-out delivery for sustenance.

But, we're excited about the class.  :)

It's for anyone who wishes they had some more self-worth.  I used to have none.  NONE, I tell you.  So my heart goes out to anyone out there who wants to improve what they've got.  I've written about this a lot on the blog, but if anyone wants more nitty gritty, we're laying it all out in the 1-hour live class.  I'll share with you every drop that I can.  Class starts at 8 pm Eastern.  But registration needs to take place before the class starts and you can do that right here

Have a great day everyone!

With love,


P.S.  A friend I met at Alt did a little interview with me on her blog!  

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  1. I AM SO EXCITED for tonight! It's been a *brutal* week, and this class will be a breath of fresh air for me. Thanks for all you both contribute to our lives. xoxoxo

  2. Please, please, consider a way for people who can't make the class, to somehow buy a recorded version. :))

  3. Anon- we are so happy to tell you that this is in the works! We feel so badly that many have not been able to participate because of work or time zones, so our tech team is working on it. As soon as the recorded option is available we'll announce it on the blog. Thanks!!

    1. This is really great news, thank you! I honestly never knew a blog could touch me the way this has.... I think everyday I look on here for some inspiration, and am always drawn to what I need! And, I forward different posts to friends who tell me what they're going thru. You guys are making a difference, that is for certain. :)

  4. Oooh - that's exciting! (The comments above) I was just going to say how sorry I am that I'm not able to participate in the classes. :( Student budget doesn't allow for much of anything. Good luck with tonight - an hour left! Don't be stressed! :) I'm sure your classes are awesome!!

  5. I am excited to hear a recorded version is coming! Couldn't make tonight's class, but have been so happy with the other two I attended! Hope all went well for you two!


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