28 May 2012

Marimekko Dresses

I've been eyeing Marimekko patterns and clothing for awhile now.  The graphic patterns and color combinations are so great.

I recently got to meet a graphic designer I admire, Erin Jang, and I was so drawn to the top she was wearing.  It turns out it was by Marimekko (she's also wearing it here.)

                                                                                                                         (photo by Erin Jang)

Here are my top Marimekko dress picks right now....(and they are all on sale!)....if I was going to buy a new little dress for spring, I'd love to get one of these:

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  1. CUTE! love all of these dresses and now i want one too!

  2. Great picks! I have a soft spot for Marimekko because it is probably the first design house I was introduced to. My mother was a fan and had bedding made for my brother from a Marimekko car print.

  3. Wow! Its really very nice to read about Marimekko Dresses. I'm quite sure that here provided all the information of Marimekko Dresses will surely be handy for everyone and that's why keep up the good work :)

  4. The fit was what I expected for a size 12. I am pretty curvy and this really shows off a larger butt well. I highly recommend this dress and this company.


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