04 May 2012

Love Announcements

So happy the weekend is here!  Danny & I have really busy weeks (& weekends) with the blog and now our classes.  But we still try to make time for something fun.  This weekend we'll be going on the Five Borough Bike Tour.  So excited to ride through all of New York (42 miles - yikes!)

And, Cinco de Mayo!!  :)  I do love Cinco de Mayo.  But everyday feels like Cinco de Mayo for us.  :) We live on so many rice & beans, flavorful braised or roasted meats and tortillas with homemade salsas and guacamoles.  Mexican food really is our most loved staple around here.  Some day soon we'll post our favorite recipes...

But for now, here some of my favorite things.....

-Some friends of mine here in New York have helped create the most darling video of an original fairy tale - starring kids!  Many generations of this family have a background with advertising, directing, designing, etc....so I wasn't surprised that is was so well done.  They're calling it 'Clara Tales' and they are trying to produce good quality videos with good morals.  You can see their kickstarter campaign here and their first video here.  It is ADORABLE.  (Your kids will want to watch this with you.....)

-This is one of the cutest ideas I've ever seen with balloons - definitely saving this idea for future birthday parties.

-Whipped cream from coconut milk?  This looks amazing.  I had no idea I could do this.

-Hear why Cindy Crawford says she wants to look like "Cindy Crawford".  This video about women portrayed in advertising is good for any woman to see (especially young women).  May it inspire you to OWN your beautiful womanhood

-I love these urban cityscapes on cardboard (!)

-I'm a huge fan of fruit flavored waters.  It's the easiest, prettiest drink for parties, too.

-This is THE best line-up of breakfast ideas I have ever seen.  I want to eat every single one of them. (I'm also a huge fan of Frank Lipman in New York.  My acupuncturist used to share an office space with him.)

-Here are some fun dog names for graphic designers. (Danny & I often think of getting a dog....though...the size of our apartment + the desire for little people in this place holds us a back a little...any thoughts??)

Happy Weekend To Everyone!!


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  1. love the dog names. and you KNOW I'm gonna say.... get a dog! :)

    1. Rebecca - i KNOW...I think of you guys all the time...you definitely get me thinking.

  2. Did Danny serve his mission in Brazil by chance? I just notice little tidbits throughout the blog that make me wonder. My husband served there and it has been very well incorporated into our marriage, mostly through food (we are a very beans and rice couple) and romantic music. ;)

    1. Lindsey, Yes! Danny went on a mission to Brazil. So fun that your husband did, too. Such a fun bonus for us wives, right?

  3. You post so many wonderful things on your blog. A lot of what I have read here has encouraged and inspired me. Thank you! And it's so fun to see how paths cross and our world gets a little smaller: I heard about your blog from a mission friend, Annie C., and you just posted fruit balloons by an old friend from DC Brittany Watson Jepsen. Fun fun :)

    1. AGK - that's awesome! So glad you wrote in...

  4. Okay, I love the Love Announcement posts!! I have to Pin everything you post on my Pinterest board because you have such great taste. :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. So glad you like them! It's usually stuff I can't help but share. Thanks for writing in.


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