27 April 2012

Love Announcements

-I keep thinking of summer!  Danny & I are going to Brazil and I'm oh so excited.  I'm finally going to get on the all-natural sunscreen band wagon.

-The last couple of days, about 20 of us friends here in Brooklyn got our hair cut by a hairdresser who flew out from Utah to do our hair!  We all so appreciate Utah hair prices  :)  :)

-Speaking of hair, I wish I had enough guts to get this haircut.

-Evernote is my favorite way to categorize notes, ideas, plans.  Danny hooked me up and I'm obsessed.  It's the hub of ABAL.

-We are really trying to remove as much refined sugar from our diets as possible.  One of our favorite treats are these raw vegan cookie dough balls.  Though I want to experiment with using dates as the sweetener instead of agave.

-Want to rev up your weekend?  Go buy a brightly patterned panty.  haha.  I don't even like the word panty but I'm telling you, for $10 it's fun to run errands all day while thinking about what you and  your husband could do later.  It's all in the thinking & the anticipation :)

AND, a few direct quotes from participants of our last "Class About Love" (most of these came from the live chat box during the class)................

"This class blew it all away.  Seriously, exceeded all expectations and I learned so so much.  I have a bunch of notes that my husband and I will discuss soon.  I LOVED when you went into step-by-step depth of what to do in that moment to seek after virtues, and also listed specific virtues.  Exactly what I need to learn right now.  So practical and also inspired.  Love what you and Danny are doing so much.  Amen and amen. :)

"Thank you so much for taking the time to have your class tonight.  You have so much to teach, and I am so grateful for you having made teaching a priority.  I am, for sure, a loyal member of your ever-growing cult following!! :)" 

"You are both so good at expressing yourself!  So helpful, even for someone married for 41 years!"

"I got so much out of this - THANK YOU!!"

"I'm looking forward to all the classes--I just signed up for the whole series. Thanks again! :)"

"These classes came right when I needed them most.  And I want to tell you that reading your blog makes me feel happy and hopeful.  So, I'll see you next time. :)"

"Thank you so much for the class!  I will be taking as many of the others that I am available for!  thx again xoxo"

"Thank you so much - so inspiring and wonderful!!  Can't wait for future classes!"

"Thank you for such a wonderful class.  You both are so amazing and inspiring... from a distance, thank you for bringing out the best in all of us."

"Wow... that was so very powerful."

"Thank you.  thank you.  thank you."

"Thank you so much!  That was so moving.  I took so many notes."

"Thank you so much!  What you said about cultivating virtues really hit home with me and now I know what I need to do.  Thank you so much!  Choosing happiness always seemed like a goal I didn't know how to reach." 

"Thanks for answering my question. You were really helpful and the class was amazing.  Thank you!"

"It was incredible.  Thank you Danny and Mara for sharing your life for our benefit."
"I'm looking forward to all the classes--I just signed up for the whole series. Thanks again! :)"

"Thank you! That was very helpful."

"Thank you, this was really great, and gave me practical steps to move forward."

"Great class! You guys are amazing :). Thank you!"

"So grateful for this past hour.  The value of what I have learned today exceeds everything that I have learned in the past few weeks.  Thank you for helping me to learn such life-changing things so quickly!"

"This was so fantastic.. Thank you SO much!"

"This was really valuable, and I hope to join for more classes."

"Thank you!!!  This was great!"

"You guys are amazing!"

"I love the weekend-long conference idea! I would be in.. And I'd bring along others as well :)"

"You are a blessing to us all!"

"Wonderful!! Thanks to you both- I feel a little more peace already!"

"You guys rock. Thank you!"

"Thank you for your insights tonight!"

"Thank you so much for this."

"Thank you so much!  What an amazing hour."

"Thank you for a-ha moments!  off to practice virtues!"

"Thank you so much.  Your answer really spoke to us."

"You guys are darling.  Thanks so much for letting us spend your night with you!"

"Great class, thank you.  I loved the quotes."

"I think your guy's advice was spot on for the myriad of situations the question could have applied to."

"If only we could all sign up for a weekend-long conference with you two!  If not that, you two would make for excellent commencement speakers"

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!



Our next 'Class About Love':  Learn How to Face Your Trials.  Thurs., May 3 @ 8 PM Eastern Time
(I can't wait for this class.  We'll share lots of tips that really, really work for us every single day.)
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  1. Brazil? LUCKY girl! Sounds like you're going to have an amazing summer :) We are going to Hawaii in 2 weeks and I'm totally checking out that natural sunscreen for our trip! I've never heard of it.

  2. Get ready to fall in love w brasil and the Brazilian people. A culture rich in art music and tradition. It is divine :)

  3. FUN about going to Brazil! Yeah, I would be wary of Agave. Their claims are misleading. It's basically eating HFCS and thinking it's a healthier option.

  4. You're going to Brazil!?! Sounds fantastic. Being so fair skinned, I'm going to try the sunscreen you put up. One of my raw/vegan mentor's claim that her skin turned olive toned since she has included spirulina into her daily green juice routine, and she no longer gets burned. I thought, eh, can't hurt to try it (great protein source for vegans), but no matter what I add it to, it still tastes like pond scum. So I'm watching your Uncle Drew. He swears by the stuff, so when it works for him, I'll take the plunge.

  5. Oh, and I'm with Bri about the raw agave. I like to use it, but sparingly. On the other hand, I've made several types of raw vegan cookies, or pie crusts with dates and still get the super charged sugar buzz that I experience with just about every sweetener. Once broken down, sugar is sugar, is sugar. Now recently I've heard people having all sorts of trouble with raw cacao. I don't, but I can't stand more than a small taste at a time because it's so rich.

    Now you've inspired me to put up the recipe I developed when Janna was in town. It was intended as a pie crust, but works so great as a cookie. Solomon and I enjoyed them thoroughly and I shamelessly spoiled his dinner. Look for them in a couple of days as I'll have to make up a batch to photograph.

    Love you.

  6. Mara, definitely try mejdool dates. They add sweetness, fiber, and a host of health benefits. I like to use them for raw cookie dough and then drop them in banana n'ice cream. So indulgent, yet gluten and dairy-free. Enjoy!


    1. Kate - - LOVE THE POST YOU SHARED!! I definitely want to try that... thank you.

  7. Mara, you are coming to Brasil? Will you be near Sao Paulo? I would love to see you, and I am sure the Tanos would too! you can email me at kelliannallen at gmail dot com, if there is anything I can do to make your trip easier!

  8. Reading love stories inspires me to just wait for my perfect match. I am very glad that you had found the love of your life and both of you are happy with each other. Keep your love for each other to be a strong and everlasting. God bless you both! :')


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