13 April 2012

The Human Experience

Have you guys seen the documentary, The Human Experience?

If you haven't, I practically want to beg you to see it.

It is unbelievable.  And it was the winner in over 30 Film Festivals.

Here's the trailer:

The film will bring tears to your eyes.  It will make your heart swell.  It will inspire you to get out of yourself and be a better person.  It will fill you with the greatest LOVE for this life and all that we have the privilege of experiencing here.  (available on Netflix, Amazon)

I want to watch it again this weekend if I can possibly pull it off.  Though we have lots in the works over here at ABAL......  :)  :)

We will be launching a series of (6) classes that we hope will inspire the heck out of you.
We will be working our hearts out in order to do that.

We want to tell you all our secrets to being happy & living a life being motivated by love.  There is nothing better.  We want to share all that we can to help you have more happiness.  The stuff we will be teaching has literally TRANSFORMED our lives.  We can't not try to pass it on. 

Please spread the word.  (This would be the biggest favor you could ever do for us!)

And please mark your calendars for (1) hour on:

Tues., April 24, 8:00 pm ET - How to Choose Happiness.  The Basics.  101.
Thursday, May 3, 8:00 pm ET - Trials & Tribulations.  They happen.  How do we face them?
Wednesday, May 9, 8:00 pm ET - How to Build & Enhance Self-Worth
Tuesday, May 15, 8:00 pm ET - How to Develop the Language of Love
Wednesday, May 23, 8:00 pm ET - How to Create a Better/Happier Marriage or Relationship
Thursday, May 31, 8:00 pm - How to Forgive, Truly

Registration will be available soon & announced here.  (It will be limited, FYI.)  I'll also announce it on Twitter the moment registration is available.

We will be using the same awesome platform (developed by the founder of Alt Summit) which they use for all of the fabulous Alt Channel Classes.  But we'll have our own channel for A Blog About Love!  So exciting!  We couldn't be more delighted to be working with them.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love to all,


P.S.  Our survey will continue to be available all next week!  (I realized many could be out of town due to Spring Break.)  If you have time to take it, we would appreciate it so much.  It's helping us a ton.  Thanks!

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  1. How exciting! You know I'm in :)

  2. Great movie...and wonderful news!!! I'm so excited :)

  3. Wow. Im watching this tonight

  4. Will they be available for viewing at later times? I work until 5pm, which is 8pm ET :-( My husband and I have gotten so much out of your blog and would LOVE to do the classes. Thanks!

  5. So I have a question.... These classes sound wonderful by the way.... But you blog about all these things and give advice in those blog posts... So are you gonna still do that? Or just do it in the classes now and not blog about them anymore? Or what? I'm just a curious cat over here :)

  6. I have to see this film--thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  7. Beautiful blog with so many inspiring ideas! Great work:) Would you like to follow each other?

  8. So glad to see this happening!

  9. Sounds wonderful, I will try to check it out! I feel similarly about a History Channel documentary regarding the plane crash of a Uruguayan rugby team in the Andes Mountains in 1972. The documentary is called "I Am Alive," and I think it's stopped playing on the History Channel, but is available for purchase on History Channel website: http://www.history.com/topics/alive. There is also a book and a commercial movie about this same event, but this documentary is unbelievably great. You would think a documentary on this event would be depressing, but it's an incredibly uplifting story of the resilience of the human spirit and our capacity for greatness and incorporates many themes that are discussed on this blog. I recommend it to everyone!

    1. Thank you for this recommendation!

  10. Oh my! I read this post this morning and just watched that movie with my husband. We were both crying. So powerful. Thank you for the recommendation.

  11. Wow! I can't wait to watch this! Just added it to my queue.


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