09 April 2012

Easter Dresses!

Today at church, seeing all the children in their Easter clothes reminded me of when I was a young girl.  There were 5 (!) of us sisters and my mom would make us all dresses, often matching.  Since we couldn't afford the real thing, she made us Gunne Sax knock-offs (ones that I now see for high dollar all over Brooklyn in hipster vintage shops.  Yes, even the ones covered in gobs of lace with huge sleeves.) 

                                                                                                      (Easter egg photo credit)

Today I wore what I call my "Easter skirt" by Harvey Faircloth (reminds me of pretty colored Easter eggs!); my taupe shoes from Target that I actually got on sale for $7!; and yes, my white (brite!) shirt from Uniqlo (you'll see a lot of these shirts on this blog.  I'm telling you, my dear husband can't get enough of them. :).  And maybe for old times' sake I'll get my hands on some vintage Gunne Sax like these (to wear with oxfords, of course :)... 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.

And someday, I'd love to make dresses like these for some little girls.  My dear friend (of Katiedid) made these and I don't think there could be two cuter Easter dresses. 

Is it just me or do you still like to wear Easter clothes, even as an adult?  Do your children seem to like dressing up for Easter?  I'm such a sucker. 


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  1. Very cute outfit on the little girl there :)

  2. I totally still wear Easter outfits! I either mix up what I have in my closet or find a new skirt or dress to wear. I love getting all dressed up for Easter!

  3. gorgeous skirt. and when did you cut your hair- i love it!

    my mom used to make us matching, or i should say, coordinating, easter dresses too. there were three of us, and she would make each dress a little different for each of us.

  4. Oh. My. Word. I am in LOVE with that skirt!

  5. I love that skirt. PERFECT for Easter!

  6. I love dresses and often buy a handful in the spring to wear to church! Even at 23, Easter and Christmas dresses are still a big deal for me!

  7. Oh hi there pretty Mara. I just felt the need at this very moment to tell you how fabulous I think you are AND I love your skirt.

    xx - Christina

  8. i just pinned this! amazing! this skirt is just amazing.

  9. mara, i cannot believe how chubby and little my girls are in those pictures! makes my eyes sting. thanks for the dress love.
    and the harvey skirt is too good for words.

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