23 April 2012

Dinner Time

When I worked in Manhattan, I couldn't get home fast enough to spend my evening with Danny.  We ate dinner together every single night.  We don't have a table in our Brooklyn apartment, but we do have some bar stools and a counter.  And that has been the place of many great conversations, some lovely prayers as husband and wife, and lots of drooling over my husband's cooking (the line he hears all the time is "every meal you make for me is the best meal of my life."  And it really feels true.  Every bite is that good.)

But lately, since we both work from home, the hours just fly by.  We've been quite busy and find ourselves not setting aside as much time to "dine" together like we used to as we're often planning, emailing & working at night.  And so, I loved getting this short little reminder from The Marriage Nurse..... :)

What is dinner time like at your house?  Do you eat as a family, as a couple, here & there, at the table, in front of the T.V./Computer?  I'd love to hear!

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  1. I love the marriage nurse! What an amazing woman! And yes I have totally found that sharing food is one of the most sacred experiences life has to offer. I am single, but one thing I have developed with my fellow counselling students is a culture of sharing several meals together over the course of a term at school. The times we do this tend to be the times that we share the real struggles and epiphanies of our life, and encourage each other. We do not allow interruptions, and often we don't get home until 3 or 4 in the morning, until we have several courses of food and completely shared all that is on our hearts!

  2. She is wise and experienced. I completely agree! We always eat as family together. I'm sure this will be more of a challenge when our kids are older in school and involved in sports and what not. But I plan on always making it a priority. Your making the marriage nurse famous! Good for her, and good for you! We could all learn from those who are more experienced.

  3. I am really strict about our family eating meals together at the table. As my kids get older and busier it definitely gets harder and sometimes we are eating pretty late but it is so nice to gather with all that can come. And it helps us to eat healthier, too.

  4. We eat together and i think it is really important to. it gives us some time to just focus on each other and listen about each of ours days have been and how each other are. And it also means lots of laughing and great conversation, I wouldn't change it for the world.

  5. I live alone-but have to make an effort not to do more than one activity at once-ie eat and email, etc-but have time for cooking, eating, etc in different areas of my tiny place

    1. Robyn, When I lived alone I was usually eating in front of the computer and one day I decided that I would use this time to have quality time with myself! I would catch up on myself: what was going on the day, how was I feeling, etc. It was really worth it! I started to appreciate the food more too - not only eat it up while doing something else. It was great!

  6. I love her. :) My husband and I eat together most nights. Some nights it's hard with school/studying/teaching piano lessons/whatever else, but we try to do it most nights. One thing that has been challenging is being able to eat with our son. I know that sounds a little silly, but between 3:30-6:30 it is the most crazy. The baby is hungry, but it's a little early for us to eat. We love to eat as a family, so we usually eat around 4:30 or 5:00. Most people think we're crazy, but it works for us! No phones, ipads, computers are allowed. My rule. :) I love to talk about our day and make the baby laugh. And I love feeding my family a healthy meal. It's my love language. :)

  7. That is definatly something hubs and I need to work on. Having dinner as a family is so important, but so hard to do when you both work a million hours. I hope its something we can accomplish before the children come, so we can make it a habit now:)

  8. We eat at the table together probably six nights outta seven. Sometimes the two year old eats early and gets to watch tv, then the hubs and I eat later together, but not usually. We always had dinner as a family growing up.

  9. i can't get enough of the marriage nurse!

    ugh! dinnertime. aka the worst time of the day. huge messes, kids whining, dad cannot get home soon enough. we're lucky to actually get something in our mouths let alone have a decent conversation. but, it's a work in progress. it'll never be perfect when kids are in the mix, but i'm cool with that. if we can eat something semi-healthy and homemade and we're not strangling each other, it's success.

  10. I'm working on this with just me and my 4 year old son... it's really hard cooking something and sitting down and eating together, just the two of us, BUT I think it is CRUCIAL and so, I'm trying my very best to do it! :)

  11. She knows her stuff :)

    My husband doesn't get home till late (just in time for the kids bedtime), and likes having a shower before he sits down to eat (his cave time I suppose, and gives me a few minutes to calm down from my hectic day too), which is way too late for me to eat, so hubby and I don't eat together. But I do think sharing food/ time together is hugely important, so I eat with the kids and spend that good time with them, then sit down with my husband at the table when he eats just to chat and catch up. Sometimes I have a snack too. On weekends we try to eat together early as a family. Our dinners/ sit downs together are precious. I love them and wouldn't want to be without them.


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