09 April 2012

We Need Your Thoughts, Please! Will You Take Our Survey?

 (photos by Rebecca Baust of The Daily Muse)
Dear Readers,

Would you do us a very kind favor and answer some questions to a survey that we made for A Blog About Love?

It was kind of fun thinking of what we wanted to ask you.

I'll admit, I'm excited to see what you say.  We want a peek into your lives and your minds as we would sincerely love to make this blog the best it can be.  In fact, we have been working hard on a HUGE project that is in the works  - - one that will be announced on this blog very soon.  :)  :)  Your answers to our questions will help us in making this big project as successful & helpful to you as it can be.

Please CLICK HERE for the survey.  

The survey will just take just a few minutes and I promise, it is completely anonymous.  :)  If you aren't able to finish the survey, any & all answers that you are able to submit will still be helpful.  The survey will be available all weekUpdate:  We decided to make survey available another week, due to Spring Break.  The survey will close on Sunday, April 22.

We thank you in advance for taking the time to do it!  We really are so grateful for your time!

-Danny & Mara

(FYI, Rebecca is available for shoots!  Contact her here.)

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  1. Classes? How exciting! I use this blog almost as a daily devotional. It helps me to center myself, and reminds me to choose happiness, God, self worth, etc. Thanks so much for all you do!

  2. Survey done! You should keep on doing it regularly.... :)

  3. How exciting!!! Hope the survey comments were helpful!!

  4. Hi Mara - I took the survey but realized I left one topic out that I would like to see further explored on the blog and the survey link won't let me take the survey again to add so I thought I'd post here - career and unemployment. Obviously, there is allready a large market of people giving career advice/change of careers, etc. But I think you and Danny might have an interesting perspective on how careers fit into everything else you allready discuss on this blog, including dynamics of a marriage, fulfillment, etc. Also very topical is unemployment, particularly long term unemployment, and its psychological affects, both on an individual and spouse/family. My husband (who was in finance industry) has been unemployed for a year and a half, and I am sure that many other readers have been through/are going through this "trial" as well - it would be interesting to explore.

  5. You two should do traveling classes and visit SLC!

    1. YES!!! I will totally be there if you end up coming. xoxoxo


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