01 March 2012

Tips from a J.Crew Stylist

Hello Readers!

Many requested that I pass along some of the tips from the J.Crew stylist, Marina Dobreva, who taught a class in Brooklyn.  This woman is so talented.  I'm happy to pass along what she shared.  For starters, here are her overall fashion philosophies to get us started.... (more tips & pictures will be coming!)

-The best fashion ideas are non-conventional.
-If you're wearing the "it" color or trying to fit in with everyone else wearing the current "trend", then it won't be unique or interesting or creative. 
-Don't get stuck always trying to wear what everyone else is wearing.  [This is why I love living in New York.  You'd think this place would look like one big fashion week spread....but....most people do their own unique thing & don't want to look like the masses.]


-If you are traveling and you forget something, you have to make do with what you have.  You are FORCED to get creative.
-If you now or previously had a lack of funds, maybe you need to get extra creative.  These are the times that great ideas are often born.
-Force yourself to try new things with your wardrobe.  Take some items from your own closet that you never thought you'd wear together and try new ways to put together an outfit.


-Don't get stuck in a gray world.  
-Nothing great will happen with a black sweater and blue jeans.  
-It's OK to mix colors your mom told you not to wear.  
-It's OK to mix two different patterns in an outfit.  
-Mix textures (lace, plaid, floral, checkered).

Anybody want to pull out some stuff from the closet and lay out some new outfits on the bed?  I do that every once in a while.  This weekend will be rainy in New York.  Maybe I'll do some "shopping" in my own closet and see what I can come up with.....  :)

Have a great afternoon!


P.S.  Marina works at the Rockefeller J.Crew (marinadobreva@jcrew.com, 212-765-4227).  I would not buy ANYTHING from J.Crew without visiting her (services in the store are free!)  She also does freelance on the side & is available for home visits - her philosophy is to help you create as many "new" outfits as you can from items you already own...she wants to help women to be wise with their pocketbooks & creative with their wardrobes.


  1. Great post. Especially because I'm wearing a black sweater and jeans today. HA! At least I threw on my favorite Kate Spade gold ring, right!? Seriously, these tips are so spot on. I work in an office and getting dressed the only ten minutes of creativity I get in a day. So liberating!!

  2. Great tips...love the idea of her doing a class. I sometimes do workshops for my clients and their friends. Would love for you to check out my blog and stylist site, always looking for feedback!


  3. Mara - I'm a J.Crew girl from wayyyyyyy back (I even worked there for a bit!). But I feel cheated! Are you really not going to share with us how they do those great rolled sleeves?

    1. So true....cant get them sleeves like they do it ughhh

    2. She had a post here before with it... you roll the sleeve up half way your arm and then roll one more time, letting the ends pop out a little.

  4. Ah I love Marina! She's amazing! x

  5. She taught a class??....why didnt i know this before hand i would have loved to join that class if that was even an option...Thanks for sharing

  6. Great tips, all. Thanks for sharing them (and thanks Mara for sharing them with you and your class!)

  7. Great post! Love J.crew & their styling, especially love the sleeve tip. I've always wondered how do they do that?! Makes perfect sense.


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