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I love The Daily Muse blog – and it’s because the photography is natural & so pleasing; and the writing is great; and it offers a lot of health tips (Rebecca is a nutritionist…and well, I’m always looking for reminders to stay healthy and limit my chips and salsa addiction 🙂

Over the weekend, we had the pleasure of having Rebecca photograph our little home.  MAJOR SCORE FOR THE KOFOEDS.  I’d been dreaming of having some photos like hers. 🙂 

Rebecca lives in Manhattan, so it’s always flattering to have a friend be Brooklyn bound.  Once a friend gets here, we hope that they have forgotten about their longer commute so we can start in on the Brooklyn sales pitch.  haha.  “Come to Brooklyn!  The neighborhood is full of dog lovers!  You can live by Prospect Park!”  We conveniently worked in a stroll to Prospect Park, where Rebecca took these photos and we were able to show her some of the magic of Brooklyn.  I may be dreaming here, but I think there’s a chance we might have a new neighbor in the near future.   😉


I’m curious, what has it been like for you, as a couple, to decide what city/state you are going to live in?   

Do you guys agree or has one of you had to suck it up (& has anything helped you to handle being in a place you don’t love?)  

Danny & I have been east coasters for so long now, but from time to time we do think of moving to the west coast one day.  Danny might think about it more than me, just because I’ve just been here in B-town for practically as long as I can remember and moving away seems a bit daunting (probably not unlike what it felt like moving to New York City from the humble city of Mesa, AZ.)   

Have a great Monday! 


P.S.  That neon coral flower gets added to outfits all the time.  It may be the best $1 I’ve ever spent and everywhere I go, people comment on it.  It gets pinned onto jackets, shirts & belts.  And if I can get to the beach this summer, it will be in my hair.  Such an easy & cheap thing to add to your spring/summer wardrobe!

Jacket & navy skirt by Harvey Faircloth / Mara’s shirt & Danny’s vest by Uniqlo/ Boots by Frye / Charcoal tights & Danny’s shirt by J.Crew/ Danny’s shoes by Tretorn / Danny’s hat by Muji / leather hand bag – a gift from St. Barths.

(Photos by Rebecca Baust)

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  1. Greetings from Texas! March 19, 2012 at 12:21 pm - Reply

    I love Rebecca's blog too.

    My husband and I moved from Chicago to Houston in the last year. We both feel we got out of the rat race to a certain degree and are super happy with the changes moving brought on. It can definitely be an opportunity to bring couples closer and give them an adventure to navitage together.

  2. Rik March 19, 2012 at 1:09 pm - Reply

    I live in Philly (well, right outside Philly in NJ) and I LOVE it here! My husband grew up in NY, I grew up in GA, but we moved here for school. I have to admit it was an adjustment (after spending a long time in UT for school), but once we got back to the east coast routine, it was great. The south is too… slow (?) for me, among other things. The north fits us both. I have to say, I have met many people who come here for school and just whine and complain the entire time. It is so sad. I really had to separate myself from those people because I would feel very negative and start complaining too! The way I feel is that wherever you're at, find the happiness! For us, it's walking around small towns, taking drives to the NJ farms, going to the shore, etc. Find happiness wherever you live! Then life will be much better. 🙂

    • Sarah March 19, 2012 at 2:16 pm - Reply

      Rik, I could not agree with you more. We were in Philly for school as well, and I decided from the get go that I was going to love it, and I did. I gave my heart to that place and I miss it so much! I still get teary thinking about it! There were so many people like you said who couldn't wait to get out of Philly, I never understood! We matched in Denver for my husbands residency Which is where I grew up and it has been really hard for me to be back. I fell in love with the East. We talk about moving back when he is finished but he loves it in CO so we will see. But for now I'm trying to love it here.

    • Rik March 19, 2012 at 6:47 pm - Reply

      Yes! It is the greatest. 🙂 I hear Denver is wonderful, too! I'm glad we're on the same team for Philly. It's been really hard to be around people who hate it here. That's crazy! It's so charming and there's tons of cool towns nearby.

  3. Kelli Ward March 19, 2012 at 1:14 pm - Reply

    My husband is much more of a nature person and I much more of a city person. He longs to go camping and go on long road bike rides, where I love to feel like I am part of a community and get energy from seeing the hustle and bustle of lots of driven people. The funny thing is that he just took a job in NYC and so we will be moving there in a couple of months. I really want to live in Brooklyn (you are helping to convince me even more so) while my husband would love to live further out and have a yard. The good thing is that we are pretty good about talking in all out and I am sure that we will pick the best place for our family in the end.

  4. Courtney B March 19, 2012 at 1:30 pm - Reply

    LOVE the pictures! You are so gorgeous.
    I had planned on living in the town I grew up in for the rest of my life… and no one (including husband) could convince me otherwise. My husband got a job offer in northern Utah and actually turned it down because there was no way I was moving. A month later he called them back and told them to keep him in mind if they needed anyone, and they had him working the next week. For 2 and a half months we only saw each other on the weekends so by the time I was able to move I was SO excited to be with my husband all the time again. And then I fell in love with our new town and all of the friends we made. Then a year and a half later Eric got his "dream job" offer and we moved south to a tiny town. I didn't put up a fight with this move because I've learned that I can survive a change as long as my husband is by my side.. but I must say that this move has sucked big time. I'm having a hard time getting used to it… but I'd rather be here than living away from my husband!

  5. Tamra March 19, 2012 at 1:46 pm - Reply

    Ha! My husband and I ended up in Cincinnati because that's where he was accepted to grad school. We have family here, and we're both Midwesterners, so it was a good fit. We've been here for 8 years now. We'd always intended to move on, but when the offer came for a DC move, we realized we'd be DIRT POOR (making $40,000 in the DC area isn't enough). We decided to stay in Cincy, because we love it here. It slowly dawned on us that we could stay here for the rest of our lives and be really, really happy with that. Neither of us are big city lovers, and we really like the Midwest. Plus, we have roots here, and our kids know Cincinnati as home.

    Only downside: while I have extended family here and his family is close, MY family is all on the West coast. I'm trying to slowly get used to the idea of either 1- making more money to afford yearly plane tickets or 2 – moving out West.

    Still, Cincinnati ROCKS.

  6. jen March 19, 2012 at 1:49 pm - Reply

    when we first got married, my husband moved to DC for me & my career opportunities. it only took me a year of 90 minute commuting each way to get tired of that and be open to other options. we spent the next 7 years in charlotte, nc for his job but were never really settled or happy there. last year we finally took the plunge and moved to asheville, nc. we are both so happy! it's a perfect mix of everything we were looking for – walkable to everything, easy access to all things outdoorsy, slower pace of life, more time together (because i now work from home and neither of us commutes).

  7. Jenn March 19, 2012 at 1:55 pm - Reply

    My boyfriend lives in NC and I live in KY. The distance is tough, but the upside is that conversations are much longer and have been crazy meaningful. I'm sure you guys can relate since you got to know each other from emails. Our relationship grew stronger over 8 hour phone calls, multiple emails a day, and sporadic texts. While all that is great, the distance still stinks! So I am on a house hunt to move to his city. I don't want to move in with him before marriage (so counter culture, I know) so the move has been delayed by multiple house offer rejections. I have enough crazy house hunting stories and offer stories to write a small book! While it's going to be tough to leave behind "my" city, I think our relationship is worth it. he has a daughter so there was no question who would be the one to move. I believe in doing everything I can to support him and his relationship with his daughter, so I'm gonna BUY ME A HOUSE! It is exciting to think of starting new in a new place. A little scary, but totally exciting 🙂

  8. Autumn March 19, 2012 at 1:56 pm - Reply

    When I first met my husband he had decided he would move back to Arizona…because with his program he had to give them a heads up of about two years. I didn't have a clue where I wanted to live, but Arizona didn't feel right when we were engaged. I explained this to my husband several times who is really usually very sensitive and it got declined. We then had to figure out where we were going to live because the market near my family closed.

    I was really grateful they both were declined because then we had to figure out together. Now we're ending up in Atlanta this summer for the rest of…who knows? We wanted somewhere that was affordable, had a temple, would have gradschool programs I was interested in, and if possible we wanted it warm. We are really happy about our decision.

  9. Lottie March 19, 2012 at 1:57 pm - Reply

    I love The Daily Muse especially Sam Wiggins.

    I moved to London for my husband's job from Bath and I found it reall hard at the beginning. It was just so much change, we had got married five days earlier; moved; he started his new job which meant long hours and we had rented a flat that we had founf in one day. So it was difficult: I was totally overwhelmed and a bit lonely.

    But I have come to love London as a place and I think it has made more independent and assess what we wanted rather than what other people wanted for us. So all in all it worked out great although sometimes I miss not being able to pop round and see my family and I miss having a car. The good old days of driving–how long ago they seem.

  10. Jacy March 19, 2012 at 3:22 pm - Reply

    Oooooo….. I'm really hoping to get out of Utah someday. I've never lived anywhere else! Being a single mom is proving that it is difficult to just up and move somewhere, BUT if all goes well with the guy I'm dating and we decide to take the plunge someday, California will be where we head- San Dieago area.

    Of course, we'll need to make our millions first 😉 ha!

    I'd love to live back east too…. Love the pics!

    p.s. this is J btw (the one who sent you the really awesome email about if it's real or not… lol 😉

  11. Natalie March 19, 2012 at 4:39 pm - Reply

    We are at that point in our life of trying to decide WHERE we want to end up. ALL of his family are in UT/Idaho, my family seems like they are all starting to end up out west, but I grew up just outside NYC in Westchester County, so my heart is still with the East coast.

    We are actually moving to Dallas for the summer and I am so, so curious to see how we like it!

    Like someone else mentioned above, I don't think it really matters where we end up because I'll have my husband with me anywhere we go.

  12. Karina Cifuentes March 19, 2012 at 4:43 pm - Reply

    Yea, the city discussion is a toughie. I love NYC, but it can get hard living here…really draining. But would love to explore the west coast!

  13. Tanya March 19, 2012 at 5:27 pm - Reply

    We have built 3 homes over the last 6 years; moving each time. I would have rather stayed in one spot, but my husband loves to build; so I guess I have had to make that sacrifice. The things you do for love.

  14. Jilleun March 19, 2012 at 5:43 pm - Reply

    I moved, met and married my husband all in Utah where he's from. Its really hard for me, I used to try to convince him about once a week we need to moved to California (where I'm from). I've realized we wont be here forever but complaining wasn't helping. My husbands come to realized if we don't live near my family we/I have to visit at least three times a year. So that's been working for us, for now 🙂

  15. Jan March 19, 2012 at 9:49 pm - Reply

    I moved to the South with my then-husband 8 years ago to his hometown. It wasn't a very "mutual" decision–I really felt like my needs/concerns were kind of bulldozed over. It was a hard adjustment for me, as he knew everyone and I knew no one and had little kids at home. I made peace with where we were and found things that I really liked there. But like most places you live, it's the relationships you develop with the people you meet that make all of the difference. I had a circle of great girlfriends who made such a big difference in my life. When we moved 5 years later, it was heartbreaking to have to leave them.

  16. Julie N March 20, 2012 at 12:52 am - Reply

    One of the many things I love about our marriage is that we can finish each others sentences on where we ultimately want to end up because we both feel the same about the type of area we want to live. We love that and we daydream together of what our lives will be like when we finally get to that place. Not that we don't love where we are at right now because we do!! Brooklyn.. holla! We BOTH didn't LOVE living in Brooklyn when we first moved here (his residency brought us here with no choice) but the ONE THING that helped us change our attitudes about the city was the fact that we KNEW this is where God had lead us to at this time in our lives. We KNEW this was the right place for us to be. It took courage to have faith in that and there have been many trials that I have been able to get through because of that knowledge. We chose (and choose) to trust in God and His will and have faith that we will learn what we need to learn and leave here as better people because of our experiences, good and bad. So our faith in God has helped us be in a place that we didn't (but totally do now!) love. The people in our ward have also majorly contributed to turning our dislike of the city into love. I adore the people in our ward family and I am so grateful for them.

    Love these pics! I love living in Brooklyn and having the city as our playground and backyard! It's perfect.

  17. Ihilani March 20, 2012 at 2:21 am - Reply

    Fortunately for us, both my husband and I are from Hawaii, so why would we want to live anywhere else right? So we figured out the state we love, but trying to figure out which island to live on is proving difficult. We're from different islands (he from Maui, me from the Big Island) but we met while going to BYU on Oahu and love it there as well. Right now we live on Maui, but he's looking for work all over the state so we could end up somewhere else. I think we've come to the conclusion that as long as we're in state, we don't care too much where we live. Each island has its pros and cons but they're all Hawaii!

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