01 March 2012

Knitting Graffiti

Have you guys heard of "knitting graffiti" (aka "yarn bombing")? 

I see it all the time in my neighborhood in Brooklyn...

I know these are little tags, but they still make me smile every time I see them.

Have you seen any knitting graffiti before?

There are several artists and groups that yarn bomb all over the world & the tags will blow your mind.

My favorites are by the artist, Magda Sayeg of Knitta....

See pics here!

I guess I'm just a sucker for public displays of art (pretty much of any kind). 


  1. that's some time consuming graffiti!

  2. I love this stuff! It's all over North Brooklyn as well. Not sure if this is still up but on my bike rides last fall I would always pass this under the Williamsburg Bridge.


    She's the original yarn bomber. So rad.

  3. I find the term "yarn bomb" hilarious. never heard of this before though - very cool.

  4. There is something so sweet but fun about this, great idea!

  5. I totally saw one of these in Corpus Christi when I was visiting and couldn't figure out why someone thought the light post was cold! Now I know. I am just really really nerdy =) These are really beautiful.

  6. oy! the charm.... the TIME it would take to knit that much square footage!

  7. I've never heard of yarn bombing before, but it looks awesomely amazing.

  8. I have heard of this but have never seen it! I think it makes places pretty. I don't think it should be considered tagging because it isn't permanent.

  9. oh now i know the name! yarn bomb so fun. Yes in the suburb over from mine (In Brisbane Australia!) there is lots of knitting and pom poms. I thought the pom poms were 'pom poms for peace' My girls love to see the tree the has lots of it and laugh when we come across it. It really does make you smile! esp in interesting/unusual for knitting places.

  10. I see it all over Chicago. I love knitting. Love other people's hand knitted items. But am not in love with the yarn graffiti. I think, ewe, all the rain, and dirt blowing around downtown just gets it matted, smelly and gross. I'm all for trees as trees as trees and lamp posts as lamp posts. Really time consuming for something temporary and generally not very artistic (except maybe those steps). Make scarves, hats, blankets for those in need - that's cool.

    1. Dom - that is hilarious. Danny said when he first saw the stuff in our neighborhood he thought they were hanging their rugs out to dry (lol) and then when he saw them there again, he thought: "What the hell are they doing? why are they leaving these crap outside?" hahaha. I am just laughing.

    2. Yep, I knew Danny is a good nut.

    3. we BOTH has good grammar today :) :) haha. I'll blame it on Danny...I was quoting him, afterall.

  11. Here in Seattle you see tons of these! So funny. They make me smile too. In fact, if you ever visit the Emerald City, I'll take you to a vegetarian/gluten-free restaurant with a cute tree outside covered in yarn :)

  12. Hi Mara & Danny,

    Love your blog! Catching up on all the 'back issues' because I don't want to miss a thing! Just saw the pic of the staircase above in Syndey - that's the building I work in! We all loved that installation while it lasted. Can't wait to see more.
    Thanks for all the inspiration, it's changed my life.


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