23 February 2012

One Spring Trend I Already Love: Peplums

Would you guys wear a peplum for your wedding??  I almost did.  I still look at these photos of this Oscar de la Renta I tried on at Bergdorf's and think.......ahh.....what if......

Well, peplums are making the rounds and getting some widespread attention this Spring.  I think they just add some femininity - and a little bit of glamour.

So for some spring inspiration, here are a few peplums I love from around the web.... and a few from my own wardrobe.....

Harvey Faircloth
(the 'Apron Top' - made from a vintage apron pattern in yellow silk taffeta and red graph paper cotton.)
Jason Wu
(dying over these)

   Fancy That Vintage - Etsy (I would totally wear this with some Ruby Woo red lipstick)

And here is something BRILLIANT for all you handy ones - - a DIY Peplum!

So, tell me......where do you get your fashion inspiration?  Do you pay attention to trends from Fashion Week?  Do you give a crap about any of that?  Or perhaps you live for it?  Do you try to follow trends - or avoid them?  For me, I actually don't ever crack a fashion magazine.  I hardly ever peruse fashion online (today was an exception as I was preparing this post :)  I get most of my inspiration from friends and on the street (& mostly I just scrounge together new ideas from my own closet....Or from whatever Danny buys for me :)


  1. This are totally wonderful dress, they are lovely looking..

  2. i saw the cutest peplum top at jcrew the other day. and like you, i'm always checking out what people are wearing on the streets. that's the real fashion show. :)

  3. It's funny. A week ago I didn't know what a "peplum" was and now they're everywhere. I've yet to try a peplummed? (go with it) something on but plan to next time I see something cute.

  4. I couldn't care less about fashion. I honestly wish I could just pay a professional and give her my size and tell her, "Make me look hot"! I HATE shopping!

    1. I hear you! I'm not a huge shopper, either. But if you need something & were planning on buying something - one way to ease the situation is to use a personal stylist - sometimes they have them for free at J.Crew. Sounds fancy, I know, but there is one in NY that is SO GOOD and yes, will make you look hot! Anyway, maybe you could find someone in your area. In the end, I think it can save you money cause they can help refashion what you already have..or guide your purchases if you need something.

  5. Not a fan of the new trend honestly...unless your super skinny it just adds bulk in an area i dont need extra bulk. But thats fashion for ya...not always flattering for all ;)

  6. So happy to be your newest follower via your feature on Greetings From Texas! Love the unique spin you and your hubby take with the blog. Your excellent writing helps make it rock too. Be back to play again soon!

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  7. I like them on the tops, not a fan on the skirts. that yellow top of yours is lovely! and your wedding dress was way better than that one on the top photos... glad you didnt choose it!

  8. they are all have a great design. Very stunning dress..

  9. Oh no! Your posts don't come through in full to google reader anymore. What happened?

  10. I love your design, they are all beautiful.

  11. Mara - I LOVE this Harvey Faircloth line! But it seems to be only available in a few stores and none, sadly, near me. Do you know if this plans to change in the near future? Great photos! :)

  12. Just discovered your blog...love it. Great minds...just wrote a post on the Peplum trend as well, even used the same Jason Wu photo! Check it out, would love your thoughts.

  13. You must be thrilled with the prevalence of pretty, poufy peplums on the Oscar red carpet!

  14. I love peplums and your pictures are gorgeous! I'm your Daily Buzz mate!! Come say hi and check out my picks!


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