05 February 2012

Go Giants Go!

We're getting our Superbowl on.  Hope some good grub and good commercials are in your near future.  Danny's cooking up a storm.  Homemade salsa, flank steak w/ homemade adobo, rice & beans.  It smells so good.  I can't wait to dig in.  Here are some signs around Park Slope.  Apparently not everyone here are Giants fans....  :)


Are you guys watching the Super Bowl?  What's on the menu?  Did you do anything special to celebrate the game?


  1. Love all your pictures! The husband was glued to the television during the Super Bowl...I basically tuned in during the commercials! Glad the Giants won though!

  2. It was World Nutella Day so while our friends ate chicken wings and potato salad and tri-tip, I ate nutella on strawberries, nutella on bananas, nutella on tangerines, and nutella on a spoon... Yum.


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