28 February 2012

A Gift for Design Mom

Gabrielle Blair has been so supportive of me since I started my blog.  (Yes, I about died the first time she emailed me!)  I've appreciated it so much and gave her a little gift of thanks.  What on earth to give?  That was hard to decide, but I settled on a beautiful hand made brass cuff.  She posted about it here as she wore it at Alt Summit, which I'll admit, was an exciting for me (I was just so glad/relieved she liked it!) Doesn't she look fantastic?  I love her style.  (photos by Ben Blair)

The brass cuff is one that was custom made by a fantastically talented jewelry designer here in Brooklyn, Sarah Alice Fulton.  I owned one of the brass cuffs myself already and LOVED it.  It goes with EVERYTHING and it is very easy to wear.  Sometimes bangles are too noisy and move around too much for my taste.  They get in the way as I'm working at the computer or doing things around the house... so cuffs are a little more suitable for me.

Here's Sarah, the jewelry designer...STUNNING, right?

Sarah works with metals, glass, and porcelain.  She's been designing jewelry for 12 years and has created a loyal following, selling mostly word-of-mouth (every woman I know here in Brooklyn is wearing her designs!)

She draws inspiration most often from architecture and the natural environment of places she travels.  She is also deeply inspired by women around the world and their inherent desire to be adorned and beautiful in the most amazing ways.  

Sarah is selling these brass cuffs & earrings!  The cuff is $68 and the earrings are $48 (tax included).  Shipping is $4. 

If you'd like to buy some pieces, just email your wrist size & requests to her at sarahaliceny@gmail.com.  She'll send you a Paypal invoice.  The pieces are made in her jewelry studio in Brooklyn and will be sent within 3 days of the transaction.  [Note from Gabrielle:  to measure your wrist size, use a piece of string.  Wrap it, mark it & then measure!  She thought of doing this when I asked her for her wrist size :) ]

Also, Sarah is the in the process of creating a beautiful website where you can buy more of her gorgeous pieces!  Stay tuned!



P.S.  One of my readers came to the J.Crew Stylist night in Brooklyn!  It's so fun to meet readers - I love it.  She just wrote about it on her blog, where you can get a sneak peak of the event.  (My post about it will be coming soon....)


  1. That is so sweet of you! The bracelet is GORGEOUS.

    Lots of love!
    (Color Me Blue & DailyBuzz Style)

  2. That IS really sweet of you. All I've done is blog/email stock her. Hmmmm. Maybe I should re-think my tactics.

    And I'm not much of a bracelet wearer, but this one makes me rethink....

  3. So pretty....the pics of Gabby + the cuff!
    XO . Trina

  4. That really is a pretty cuff. I don't wear bracelets much, either, but I like this.

  5. Ok, not only do I love her jewelry, but I recently met Sarah here in the city, and just love her in general...amazing woman, and her jewelry is almost as amazing as she is.

  6. This is beautiful jewelry--such a distinctive style. Gotta have this set!

  7. Beautiful! Sarah Fulton is actually the sister of one of my husband's good friends. Anyway, small world :)

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