22 December 2011

"Mara Decorations"

When it comes to styling / decorating, I am really, really low key.  My time in New York has done it to me.  Time & money are just so very, very precious in this town & I have learned it's better to hang on to both.....so.....I have paired down, by choice, & live very simply (it's actually quite liberating!)

And this is why we have in this house what my husband calls "Mara Decorations" :)  They are typically decorations that cost about 50 cents and can be set up in very little time.  For example, that ribbon tree, above, I taped to the door in the 5 minutes before guests were arriving.  I usually just grab some materials that are hanging around the house (or ones that I got nearly for free) & figure out what I can do with them in a hurry.  (Though, I guess the two wreaths, below, don't fit into that category as I actually paid money for them from Ikea).

Naturally, being low-key & all, most of my "Mara Decorations" from over the years are not pictured here because they are still in the basement storage room.  Oops.  I guess I'll have something new to post next Christmas, cause we're missing several good ones.  :)  Plus, if I can get my hands on the perfect mixed bow bag at my local 99-cent store, I may make my stick-on bow tree even larger next year.  99-cent store, I'll be paying you a visit...if I happen to cross paths with you, that is....:)

Happy Christmas Week!


P.S.  LOVED the thoughts coming in from yesterday's post.  There's so much more to talk about!  :)  That post was originally much longer and I split it into two (always trying to shorten my long-winded posts!)  The other half was going to be posted soon and may explain a bit more where I was going with the idea.  And now you've prompted me to add a bit more to it.  Ha!  Tricky stuff to write about!  Anyway, Thanks for the great conversation.  Obviously, I love talking about marriage!!  :)    [Btw, Danny is writing some replies to some comments on that post now.  Always melt when he's over there writing away.]


  1. i'm the same way when it comes to decorating. i actually love wall decor for christmas. it's the best.

  2. I love keeping things simple. I'm always looking around the house to see if there are things we no longer need/love anymore. These are such great ideas! Thank you for sharing.


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