09 December 2011

Happy Weekend!

Just came in from outdoors and my hands are numb as I write!

Feeling excited to see Danny's family in a couple weeks.  His sisters both have large families out West.  One sister has seven kids and they like to joke that she & her husband would love to trade places with Danny & I... we could go watch their kids while they come out to New York for a week of being together, date nights and focusing on their marriage.  Haha :) 

This weekend I'll be going to the South Slope Craft Fair in my neighborhood.  I'm excited to see my friend there who will be selling these leather journals.  Her fingertips are raw because she's been making these beauties BY HAND for weeks! 

And, homemade Christmas candy is on my mind.  Every year my mom & sisters make homemade candy.  Some of my earliest Christmas memories involve stirring pots of bubbling caramel & rolling and dipping these:

Hope you all have festive & lovely weekends full of family traditions, holiday parties, & plans to do some nice things for friends/neighbors/family (I need to get crackin!)

I'll be thinking of you all,



  1. i hope you make truffles too; those are my favorite! Giada has an awesome recipe that includes balsamic vinegar.

    also, just a general thanks for your marriage wisdom on this blog. my husband and i are at a fledging 6 mos, and with two uncooperative families-of-origin, it's been difficult at times!

  2. I just Love that first picture. To be that girl in the fancy dress riding carefree on a bike in the middle of the snowy city. Oh yes, to be that girl! =)

  3. yay for the weekend!

    stopping in from the business card class! hope to see you at alt!

  4. My husband introduced me to buckeyes a couple of years ago at Christmas! I had never heard of them and so he made my family a batch and I pretty much ate one every half an hour. It was not a good situation. But it sure was delicious!

  5. EMILY - Truffles! Ohhhh...I've never made them but I am now wanting to try it!!

    JESS - I would LOVE to see you at Alt! Thanks for tracking me down & writing in! So sweet of you.

    SARAH- With those buckeyes, I'm lucky to get passed the peanut butter dough stage. I could eat it straight out of the bowl. :)

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