16 December 2011

A Few Love Announcements

A few love announcements for this holiday weekend....

-I'm obsessed with this holiday hair updo and I need to start practicing it so I can wear it like this over the holidays.

-A friend here happens to be one of the best illustrators ever, Brett Helquist.  He illustrated A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket!  And he has several other amazing children's books that I just bought as gifts this year (including some for myself)....
A Christmas Carol, Bedtime for Bear, Roger the Jolly Pirate, Milly & the Macy's Parade.

-This is my favorite fancy bubbly drink for the holidays - comes from a vineyard in CA.  I gave Danny a case of this one year.

-I don't have a nativity yet, but I love this one.  Looks like origami!

-For those that won't be forking out for a Brinca Dada dollhouse [btw, mention {A Blog About Love} for 10% off!], you can always make your own modern dollhouse - here are the instructions

-LOVE this idea.  I love decorations out of repurposed items.  You could also try this with Christmas cards that you might otherwise be throwing away.

-Do you want to know where to buy THE BEST SCONES ON EARTH?  Jodi is the baker behind the mail order scones from Williams Sonoma.  One of my friends in Bucks County sent me some of these once from her bakery.  They arrived on Christmas Eve, frozen, in the best packaging.  We baked them Christmas morning and it was one of the best gifts ever.

-Looove these modern Finnish Himmeli decorations made of straws and cotton string.



  1. i LOVE those snowflakes! and if you ever want to make the best scones, i think my MIL's recipe is the easiest and yummiest (people literally go crazy for them!) http://domesticreflections.blogspot.com/2008/11/mother-in-law.html

    merry christmas, mara!!

  2. I love Jora's scones they are amazing. These are pretty good too and gluten free. Although a little more dense http://www.elanaspantry.com/orange-dark-chocolate-chip-scones/

    I made some of those snowflakes. I forgot how much experimentation paper snowflakes take. Especially with your junk mail because you don't want to see the junk only the beauty. I'm going to make more with my sis.

  3. I have yet to find the perfect star for my tree. it remains naked. hey, I see you next week! what what.


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