11 November 2011


Dear Erin Woodward,
You are the giveaway winner!  A Mindy Gledhill & Bianca Merkley CD will be coming your way.  In honor of 11/11/11, Danny chose #11 and that was you!  And, I must tell you that I love your blog, Sutton Grace.  Mod podge shoes?  Brilliant!

By the way, the concert tonight was awesome.  Those women are just cool & incredibly talented.  The little venue on the Lower East Side was just packed - and the air very chilly outside.  There was something magical about being all packed inside listening to some beautiful music.   I am home now and listening to Mindy's Christmas music now and feeling very cozy.

Hope you enjoy the music! 

And, here are few pics from around Brooklyn today...wish you were here!

xo,  Mara

  Some *darling* Jewish girls in the park - - loads and loads of them... 
all on a field trip and all walking hand in hand.  I wanted to join them.

A run in Prospect Park.  It is spectacular right now! 

 Today I fell in love with yellow, Brooklyn style.

1 comment:

  1. I can't believe it! I never win things. Thanks Danny and Mara! I can't wait to listen to my new CDs!


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